Comments for Looking Back on Much Missed Walt Disney World Holiday Memories

Osborne Dancing Lights


  1. Cheryl Machado

    There are almost NO signs of Christmas. There are almost NO decorations, in every park. I have been going to Disney for over 29 years, it used to be, decorations were everywhere and amazingly beautiful; now there are a few things thrown up in a VERY limited way. It is heartbreaking. I am glad my children saw DisneyWorld in all it’s glory, I am saddened that now, we live here in the Orlando area, but my granddaughter will never experience the sheer beauty and magic of Christmas at Disney. The only special celebration is if you attend the Very Merry Christmas Party. I miss all of the things listed and so much more.

  2. suzrai

    The Osbourne lights brought out more people each year. The children grew up, the family expanded and a family gathering to see the lights was one of our holiday traditions. The precious memories will stay, but it’s sad to know we don’t have that to look forward to each year.

  3. Mario B

    I really will miss the Spectacle of Dancing Lights. It was my favorite Christmas display and holiday tradition for me. It will be missed by many.

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