Comments for REVIEW: “Moana” is a modern Disney masterpiece, and 2016’s real girl-power movie of the year


  1. EricJ

    Namely because Musker & Clements have been the house experts at creating great GUY-audience characters–like Aladdin, Jim Hawkins, Hercules, Prince Eric, and yeah, even goofy Maui–don’t bring any “girl-power agenda” the table, and know that creating a “strong character” just means creating a smart character, period, with or without the agenda.
    Give this one to Jennifer Lee, and yeesh, it would just have become Brave all over again…

  2. Harley

    Really can’t wait for a family movie that’s not your typical princess flare… Also what’s w all the chicken comments everywhere I go did everyone forget pua (moana truly adorable piggy) is along for the ride too! Why is the dumb chicken getting so much love? Pua is adorable hei hei is a chicken! I have pua as a stuffed toy for my kid and I hold it when he’s not around (pua has become my second child). Btw any word on moana meet and greet? I am hoping for dak as they been pushing her merch there more than anywhere else and BC she doesn’t fit anywhere else except obviously poly!

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