Comments for Donald Trump to be added to Hall of Presidents at Walt Disney World


  1. EricJ

    I remember when Bush Jr. in ’00 thought “Wow, I’m gonna be the really-president now, that means I get a Disneyland attraction all to myself!”
    Unfortunately…that was the year Paul Pressler was running WDW, and wanted to kill all old attractions. Including HOP. Sorry, Dubya. 😉

    Fortunately, after a lot of back-and-forth, the attraction stayed open, but that meant there wasn’t time to record a speech the way they could for Bill Clinton and Obama, so they just put Bush -there-, and restored the old-school show. Hey, at least it was something.

    (I expect Don may get a similar bit of cold-water. And btw, we’re still counting votes till dawn.)

    1. Um. that’s not true. George W. did have a speech.

  2. Spokker

    I honestly do not think it’s going to happen. No Imagineer wants to work on it and it would become a costly target for vandalism.

    More trouble than it’s worth. It’d be less of a hassle to rework the show.

    1. tropicaldan

      Not surprised to see comments based on emotion. The fact is that Donald Trump was elected fairly, as part of a movement with a message that resonates across all races, genders, religions, etc. (i.e., all of America); indeed he speaks for us, and will work for us. Time will heal the wounds, and that is what he has emphasized he will do. As he begins to deliver on the people’s mandates, I believe he will garner support even from those that did not support him. In time, I think we will all enjoy visiting the HoP after the update next year.

      1. Dion

        Trump is far too divisive to make the Hall of Presidents enjoyable. I do hope I’m wrong. Also… Trump didn’t win any mandate. He lost the popular vote. The only reason he won is because we’re still using the antiquated 18th-century electoral college system.

        1. Courtney Nicole DeMinck

          You realize that’s how the president everyone seems to suddenly love now (Obama) won, right?

          1. Q

            Hm? Obama won both the electoral college and the popular vote (by quite a lot).

        2. M

          You realize some of the presidents were SLAVE OWNERS right?

      2. Kenneth

        Nope. Won’t be returning for 4 years. The electoral college needs to gol

        1. Jacob Prezbindowski

          I take it you don’t care about any state but your own in the United STATES. We do go by popular vote, state by state, which is the way it should be and appropriate electoral votes to the states based on that states population. It gives each states a proportionate say as to who the president will be based on the number of people they have while keeping each state from completely overwhelming the others to a point where there’s nothing they could do. The electoral college has always and will always favor Democrats. They start with a 55-0 head start every election. Your guy won twice because of it and you don’t complain. As soon as you don’t get your way, you complain and don’t accept the results of the election.

          1. Nikkola Peterson

            Thank you, im so tired of hearing rhe popular vote excuse. This hasn’t been the first time this has happened plus if we did go by popular vote most people vote by ignorance not reasearch. Thats why the electoral college existed! People need to research storys! Trump dosent have great speech appeal i agree, but whats fare is fare our county is all about free speech!

        2. Bill

          Good. Please dont come to Disney for 4 years. Us Florida resident passholders will appreciate it immensely!!

        3. M

          If we didn’t have the EC then the elections would be decided by New York and California. Is that what you want?

      3. Patricia Ann Dehler

        What world did you grow up in? He will work for his own interest as always. He cares nothing about this country or the people only what he can get from it. A con artist at best.

    2. It will happen, and there are imagineers that will be happy to work on it. Go Trump!

      1. Kim

        Agreed! It’s history. I’m glad Trump won.

      2. Rob

        No Imagineer is a racist, fascist, misogynistic, ahole.

        I can picture the Trump quote now… “We’re gonna make America great again right after I grab this woman by her p-ssy.”

    3. Dave

      I’m sure he’d be elated. “Who would want to work for such a horrible company?” — straight from a former employee.
      Fact 1. They hire Americans to train foreigners, and then fire the Americans from tending their lackluster parks to the foreigners.
      Fact 2. Disney forced Georgia state by law to be their definition of POLITCALLY CORRECT or “they’ll take their business elsewhere.”
      3. Disney Pictures/ABC/Disney Channel, etc. hires mostly democrats. It always has a bias slant. Objective? I think not.
      FYI, Walter Elias Disney was a Republican and his parents were conservative, so in any case (if you work there), if it weren’t for the Republican, genius, you wouldn’t have a job right now.
      Boycott Demonocratic Disney!

      1. frostysnowman

        Why are you on this page if you hate Disney so much?

      2. Brandon

        Actually, Disney’s father was an ardent socialist. Disney himself grew more conservative as he grew older.

    4. Julio

      Did it ever occur to you that tens of millions of people support Trump? I, for one am excited to see him take his rightful place in the White House. The solipsism of liberals is mind boggling.

    5. Jim

      Sorry, nasty liberals, but 50 MILLION PEOPLE voted for him, so we know they’d be interested. That’s 50 MILLION PEOPLE who voted against your despicable, lying, dishonest Hillary – maybe you could feature her in a Halloween horrors attraction for the angry, intolerant lynch mob that is the democratic party.

    6. Alark

      Vandalism in the Hall of Presidents?? No such animal. Disney does not play that. Seems like wishful thinking to me

  3. Evan

    Glad I got to see the Hall of Presidents before it permanently closed. Trump has no place in a family theme park.

    1. Reagan greer

      whether you like it or not trump is the president. you can’t change that. its called house of presidents and has all of them from washington to obama so it wouldn’t make sense not to have him

      1. Kenneth

        ..called hall of presidents. Least get the name right on a disney site.

      2. Rob

        He’s not Presidential material, he’s even asking president Obama on how to run the country.

        No one wants Trump, Hillary won the popular vote.

        1. Colleen

          Electoral college is the system for a reason. Liberals would always win otherwise

    2. Susan

      If that is how you feel explain why Bill Clinton is there or did you forget the “cigar” incident??? I bet Monica wishes she could.

    3. M

      So…..slave owning presidents are ok in a family theme park?

  4. Zi

    welp, it was a nice show while it mattered. remember the whole “iago caught fire” thing? perhaps they’ll just make this one out of paperclips and putty so they can say it broke once people stop going to the show.

  5. Heather

    U mentioned who wasn’t making the sculpture- but who is then? Do you have a name. I’m curious….

    1. Blaine Gibson didn’t sculpt Obama. I can’t remember the name of the lady imagineer who did, but I know she was recently no longer with the Walt Disney Company.

  6. Greg

    I’m curious, if Hillary had won, would they have placed handcuffs on her animatronic in order to be completely accurate?

    1. frostysnowman

      No, because she was not arrested or convicted of anything. Perhaps they will show the Trump figure with a cupped hand so he can talk about grabbing pu$$y in his monologue. No one seemed to mind it during the lead-up to the election, so why not have it at Disney?

      1. Greg

        Well, that may be different when the Democrats aren’t in charge of the Justice Department. I don’t like Trump either, but realize that either choice would have come with major issues.

      2. Shawn

        Well, since they didn’t have Bill Clinton raping a woman on the stage, they wouldn’t be consistent.

    2. Julio

      Lol, don’t forget a prison orange pantsuit!

  7. John

    That is one Donald to much in the ‘Magic Kingdom’.
    Will the Aristocats also be implemented in the scene?

    1. Ahnsael

      No, but Trump’s speech may very well turn out to be a telling of the old “Aristocrats” joke.

      1. frostysnowman

        Haha! Good one.

  8. Cat

    Maybe Disney should just stop at President Obama. I for one will never go in there again if Trump is represented. He has divided this country.

    1. Greg

      And Obama didn’t? The race divide has never been bigger in my lifetime as it is now.

      1. Ahnsael

        To be fair, the widening of the racial divide happened simply because so many white people got angry about having a black president, and suddenly felt okay about being open about their racism again. Obama did nothing to widen that divide other than merely existing in a country with a LONG history of racism that never really went away; it just got swept under the rug for a while.

        1. Greg

          Completely incorrect. He flamed all of the so called racially motivated police shootings, instead of calming the situation.

          1. frostysnowman

            Completely incorrect. Too many white people were threatened by a black man having Presidential power. That’s what flamed the racism.

        2. Kim

          You seriously thought republicans voted in this election about race. It is about the issues. Pro Life vs Abortion etc

        3. tropicaldan

          I am Caucasian and voted for Obama during both elections; however, I have become so disatisfied with his performance, as he has NOT helped the plight of those in the inner cities, nor helped to keep jobs from leaving the U.S. His foreign policy has resulted in less stability in the Middle East than when he took office. Healthcare costs are skyrocketing, and the list goes on and on. Hillary has said she will continue his policies. Donald Trump is a product of a movement of the populace that are disgruntled and want real change, regardless of skin color, religion, or whatever. We are Americans and we want a president who puts America (and our interests) first. Trump is that president.

          1. frostysnowman

            The issues in the Middle East were caused by the people in the Middle East. How come they never get any blame for their own problems? It’s always been a very unstable place. Bush taking us in there for no reason didn’t help, but they did nothing to keep themselves stable after we left (on Bush’s timeline).

    2. Reagan greer

      thats completely retarded. there’s a lot of presidents i dont like but i still go and love the show. for example take nixon or obama i dont stop seeing the show

    3. Jacob Prezbindowski

      Thats why he won every traditional Republican state, toss up state, and some rust belt democratic state. He united pieces of it. Obama and the media completely decimated it, and that’s why people talk about Trump like he’s the devil. People are afraid of unity and success. They’ve been made comfortable and content in the bed of hate and division.

      1. Lauren R

        Trump did all his “bad press” on his own. His comments are disgusting and its obvious he thinks less of anyone who disagrees with him. His behavior resonates with racism and sexism. If you are FOR Trump, you are for all the things wrong in this country. I will also be boycotting this attraction. #NotMyPresident

  9. Chris

    Listen people as upsetting the news may or may not be I doubt Disney would shut down one of the most historic rides just because of one candidate. History isn’t just the parts you like. And for those of you insisting his animatronic will be vandalized, the Obama animatronic has survived park guests throwing food at it. Disney has security for these attractions that will promptly have guests escorted out of the park by park security if they even try anything. I’m also reasonably upset as well by the results but there’s no need to act childish about it.

    1. Reagan greer

      wow someone with common sense. you may want to hide that the triggered hillary supporters may find you and linch you

      1. Rob

        The only ones who do any lynching are the Trump supporters which are also the KKK.

        This is the last president that will ever be elected in the United States. It is highly unlikely our country will survive this debacle.

        Oh and enjoy your taxes that are about to go up. The republicans are going to cut Corporate tax down to 15%.

        Now all of the new generations can be really really really ignorant when education is cut.

        But hey, America was nice while it lasted.

        Trump and the republicans are going to ruin everything.

        All they do is incite religious nut jobs and allow hate to spread rapidly.

        I hope they close the Hall of Presidents permanently. As I have no clue what quote they’ll have animatronic Trump say. Unless it’s talking about grabbing a woman by her genitals.

        1. UnaPalomita

          Clinton cheated with an intern and put a cigar in her woman’s no-no spot during his presidency, is that worse or on par with Trump? They are the same ?

          1. Lauren R

            Considering the woman he was cheating with was giving her consent, I’d say Trump is worse for condoning sexual harassment. Hope you know the difference.

    2. frostysnowman

      I’m not a fan of Trump but I agree with you about this.

    3. Alark

      Finally! Someone with common sense! Thank you!!

  10. Ken Hutchinson

    Where is all this anger coming from? While I voted for Bush 1 and Clinton but not Bush 2 or Obama I still respected them and the job they had to do. That office tends to change everyone who sits in it and I would never stop going there while at Disney. Those figures represent a rich and diverse history.

  11. Kim

    I’m so glad and proud for Donald Trump to be added to this historical attraction. I wonder who the new narrator will be or will Morgan Freeman still be used.

  12. Juliet

    As a former cast member it sickens me to see a man with such poor taste and values to be added anywhere near WDW. Now that we’ve lost international respect, I hope Disney will see that the HOP will become deserted or a laughing stock post renovation.

  13. Betsey Adams

    Still taking your bitter pills, too bad because he has enough room on the Trump Train for EVERY AMERICAN!

    1. Kenneth

      Unless you are black, hispanic, not a 10, muslim, captured in a war..

  14. Who writes the scripts that the presidents say? Or do their press people submit it to Disney?

    1. Reagan greer

      good question i think disney probably writes them but i did hear that the presidents actually write them but i dont know

      1. Gary

        The Presidents do, in fact, write the speeches for their animatronics.

  15. Joseph

    The entire United States of American needs to come to the realization that the US has been hurting for some time now and our economy has been in a pit fall for some time now. Now it the time for change, Now is the time for the elected president who has built an entire empire that has been extremely successful and who has used his own income to support his campaign and his presidential election.

    I have extreme faith that he will turn this country completely around for the better and for the right reasons. A man who has been straight forward and completely honest with everyone through out the entire process and when he was in fact wrong for saying certain things he did say, he was in fact the first one to apologize for his actions. There were also many other things that he said during the race to the top that struck many nerves with many people, but that was all a big test for all that lashed out with the words and statements he made but a great quote that he stated when he first announced that all should follow and pay attention and you might just learn something from Donald J. Trump is “Watch What I Do, Not What I Say” If you follow these words, It will in fact open up many many doors for you. The message behind this quote from him is extremely straight forward. People can say all they want, when they want, to whom they want, But unless they actually follow through and you see it with your own eyes, It’s only hearsay. In the world we live in many people will talk and talk and talk, but they never Do Do Do. Donald J. Trump will be a Great President and when he proves his worth to the United States Of America, and turns it around in a positive outcome, One can only hope that all who judged the book by it’s cover was extremely wrong about what was really written inside.

    1. Kenneth

      Until he is found guilty in his upcoming trial that is.

    2. Rob

      I hope your hero goes to Prison along with all of the other republicans.

  16. Dave

    Those imagineers are really good at programming a wide array of motions into the animatronics. So I wonder if they will make Donald duck?

  17. Aaron

    Even here there is just so much irrational behavior. Do you think GH Bush, Dole, McCain or Romney supporters were not hurt following losses? And if you have Disney lovers refusing to attend an attraction and discussing the vandalizing of a figure representing a sitting President how can you not see THAT is the cause of all this division? It’s called true love of country. It’s called maturity. It’s called class. Both candidates showed it within the last 24 hours and Pres Obama showed it today as well. Stop being part of the problem.

    1. EricJ

      No, we’re not “advocating” any vandalism, the poster said it was too likely to HAPPEN for Disney’s own corporate comfort–
      Just like nobody organized “campaigns” of shouting out pedophilic insults at Captain EO after the Michael Jackson scandal broke–or the similar fate that removed Jeffrey Jones from Alien Encounter–but…they happened.
      And because Disney was embarrassed by them–like they usually ARE–changes were made. Fame is a fickle thing.

  18. Al Newhouse

    I was a NeverTrump Republican who is glad that Hillary lost, but depressed about having a President Trump.

    As much as I dislike him, I agree the Hall of Presidents must have Trump in it eventually. I hope they make his figure anatomically-correct, thus giving him tiny teensy hands, like he truly has. They also might want to start working on a President Pence, as it’s quite possible that Trump may be impeached rather quickly.

    1. Andrew

      Why should he be excluded? He’s the president. There’s no changing that. Wanted him to be excluded and threatening to boycott is just completely immature and pathetic. He’s part of history now, and history isn’t just the parts that you like.

      1. Kenneth

        Threatening to boycott is a constitutional right

    2. Shawn

      Liberals have lost their minds.

    3. Angela, this country has bigger issues to deal with, dear, than the President of the United States, Donald J Trump, your president, not being featured in a Disney park. Sign!

    4. ANGELA, this country has bigger issues to deal with, dear, than the President of the United States, Donald J Trump, your president, not being featured in a Disney park. Sign!

  19. Angela

    Please sign and share!

  20. Caleb

    In a way I’m not surprised with all of these negative comments against Trump but at the same time a lot of what people are saying on here and elsewhere is ridiculous. Completely and utterly. Give it some time and hopefully people will cool off. This is what happens when you have 8 years of an administration that has turned our country upside down in a negative sense and then have someone come along who wants to put things back in order. I’m glad Trump won. What he needs now is our prayers that God’s will be done in his presidency and not these ridiculous accusations and name calling.

    1. Kenneth


  21. MTV

    Shut down the attraction and move the muppets in permanently to present a humorous version of US history. It could be great!

    1. Tena

      That’s a really good idea.

  22. Andee

    Maybe they can add him to Pirates instead, chasing one of the wenches.

    1. Steve

      Did you mean that for Bill Clinton?

  23. Matt

    That will be great. If all the people on this page really stop going to the parks because of this. The lines will be much shorter.

  24. Michael Siebielc

    It could be very entertaining as Trump, true to form, the master of debate, could keep interjecting as Lincoln speaks with “wrong” not true”. And when Obama is named “Show me the birth certificate.” This would really liven up the show. All kidding aside maybe it’s time to close this show.

    1. Gary

      That’s hilarious! I’d go to see that!

  25. E

    Is his Foundation paying for it ????????????? 😛

  26. Just reading these comments. What a rollercoaster ride.

  27. Ron Schneider

    Preserve the dignity of the show. Save park security a ton of grief… not to mention first aid. Close it.

  28. Missy

    As sick as he is, and as much violence and hate has came out in the last year as a direct result of him, Disney wouldn’t be doing their job if they didn’t add him. Even though he won only because of the electoral college which was put in place to help slave owners, he did still win. And there’s nothing we can do about it except point and laugh when they give him a double chin and pain his robot orange. This will be a quick 4 years. Then we can have a decent human in office again and Disney doesn’t have to worry about offending over half of the population with this biggot clown.

  29. Scott

    At HoP now, want to watch it one last
    Time before they change

  30. I only make it out there every few years (I’m in California), but if he’s in there, I’m sad to say, I will never set foot in that attraction again. Even the President who follows (assuming tiny hands won’t get us blown up by then because of a Twitter tantrum) will get the speech, Cheeto Hitler will still be there, stinking up the joint.

    1. Brandon

      “Snowflake” much? Please don’t go!! You don’t get a participation trophy for attending anyway!!

  31. Teresa Wright

    Divisive or not, like him or not, he IS the next president and as long as the attraction stays in operation EVERY newly elected president should be added. I had to sit through watching animatronic Obama get his, Trump should get one too.

  32. I haven’t been to Disney in 8 years. HOP is my favorite attraction. Looking forward to going this summer.

  33. Mary

    Oh, for godness’ sake, people! No matter who we voted for, Trump is the president and a part of history. Not a fan, but as president, Disney will add him to the HoP. If you don’t want to see him there, don’t go to the show. There are plenty of other wonderful exhibits and rides to enjoy. ☺

    1. Brandon

      Amen Mary!!!

  34. Brandon

    Can’t wait to go when they get Trump!! “Make the Hall of Presidents great again”!!!

  35. John

    Why So Long For The Figure To Get In The Hall…???? Put It in The Back, And Cover It With A Curtain….!!!! End Of Story….!!!! LOL

  36. Vincent

    Hey Rob it’s funny your Co.ment about Republicans and the KKK your an idiot the KKK was a democrat organization know your history before speaking out and showing your an idiot

  37. Staci

    I’m excited for the new president.

  38. Cyndi McCurdy

    What happens to an installed president if he is impeached? Does he stay? Does he go? Nixon resigned, but he’s there. I’m literally just curious and not trying to start any arguments.

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