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Magic Bands


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    Mily Salvany

    So exited !!! I love Disney ideas !!!

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    It looks like the band is substantially bigger than before. Wearing the current bands is imposing enough, I doubt anyone other than starry eyed little teens and their like minded moms will like these.

    Perhaps the redesign is to force folk who don’t like clumsy rubber bangles on their wrists into buying the key chain accessory.

    Think I’ll just snap it to my bag as is.

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      so much anger.

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        That’s anger?

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          Disdain? Is that a more suitable adjective for you, Bill?

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            I’ll go ahead and amend the crime i committed on grammar in that last post and note that disdain is not an adjective. me good with words.

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        Enligt mullorna är de islamska straffen sÃ¥ avskräckande att det räcker med en brottsling. Sen är resten botade… sÃ¥ är folket i Iran dummare än muslimer i allmänhet? Eller är det hela tiden nya brott som bestraffas med avrättning pÃ¥ löpande band?

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    Will the old models of magic bands still work? Or everyone is gonna be forced to afford this new one?

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      You don’t need to “afford” them…you get magic bands automatically now when you buy a room/ticket package.

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        I was there two weeks ago and didn’t get any free Magic Bands. Bought a one day ticket and stayed at a non-Disney, on-site hotel.

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      Once the battery dies on your old model, you’ll have to use a new one anyways.

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        Amy N.

        Battery life doesn’t affect any of the functions where your band makes contact with a reader (park entry, resort room entry, using your band to charge purchases to your room account, et cetera) – just the “remote” functions like syncing ride photos with Memory Maker or letting them find where you’re seated at Be Our Guest at lunchtime. So, if you don’t mind forgoing those advantages, there’s no reason to upgrade.

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    When will they officially be out???

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    Excited, can’t wait to buy, is there a date to buy them yet

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    FYI – “a number of years now” is actually less than three.

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      They have been using these 2008. I still have my first one from Jan 2009. They were all gray in the beginning.

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        Paul S

        Interesting that you got them before the system was released… in 2013. 🙂

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    Is the center piece a potential choking hazard? That would be my concern and definitely should be Disney’s given they will be worn by thousands of children.

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      I’ve read elsewhere that they don’t actuallly pop out. Other accessories for the puck part come with a little screwdriver, so there is a screw involved if someone wanted to move the puck to a keychain or whatever.

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      It can come out, but it meets the regulated size for safe use. It can’t be swallowed.

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        I was also concerned about the puck coming out… not because some kid would try to eat it (not that I suppose I’d put it past the average two year old) but because the puck is so ultra-critical to everything and you don’t want to shove your bag under the seat (puck clipped to a strap, for example) and have the thing come out during a ride and go flying into the nether, leaving you without the Really Important Bit of your data device. Or someone being able to deftly plip it out and steal it off an item like a backpack while the owner is distracted.

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          They can steal it all day long if they want to but they can’t use it. It’s biosynced to you. They why they scan your finger print

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          I lost my magic and to the depths of Maelstrom as I was getting off the boat at the end of the ride. It snagged on the handrail, unwrapped, and fell between the boat and the platform into the water below. I had to get a new plain gray one at my resort’s guest services. Luckily it is all digital and they could cancel the lost one and transfer info to the new one easily. The only inconvenience was what to do in the meantime until we were able to return to the resort to get the replacement. I “think” I was able to use my card as backup, but I don’t think they issue cards anymore.

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            Now that’s sublet! Great to hear from you.

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            Just FYI, the wordpress plugin “Wordwrap” fixes the above problem by forcibly breaking the word. For example, this site might set max. character length at 50 characters (my guess of this column’s width) to prevent overflow.

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            Looks excellent, I am in deep envy of you,all the parties I seem to go to involve a lot of r and b and very low light 🙁 Also, I have to obtain a tee similar to your friends(nirvana) one. My previous one is about age 13 , and thus a little too tight. Hopexp.s. Your tye looks fabulous.

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        Amy N.

        Children have been known to swallow entire (large) pacifiers. You’d be amazed at what can end up stuck in a baby’s throat. O_o

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    Love Love Love the New look of the Magicbands!!
    Can’t wait for our next trip to Disney!!

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    Talk about tan lines… Wow… Could they make ut any bigger? And i can picture this on my 2 1/2 year old … ( not)

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    Oh Wow (with much sarcasm). The magic band system completely sucks. Instead of improving the actual system they role out some worthless change and in Disney tradition try to make a big deal out of it.

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      Wondering what about the magic bands you think sucks? I can usually find flaws in most things, but I was actually super impressed with magic bands on our last visit. No complaints here. The new models do like a lot larger though. Hoping you can still choose the old design.

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        Amy N.

        I suspect that the old design will be completely discontinued, but that it won’t be too difficult to find the older bands on eBay. I’ve been told that there are TWO RFID chips in the original bands and that the battery dying only affects secondary functions (the remote functions that don’t require you to physically touch the band to a reader), so the old bands will still be usable for most purposes even after the batteries are kaput. 🙂

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    Love the new options! I never wear the magic band anyway. I always attach it to a lanyard. When will these be rolling out?

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    I want said great nice magic band sell ?

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    Even though these are so much easier than the paper tickets, I wish they had some sort of recycling program for these, seems like a big waste to get a set for your family each trip 🙁

    Example, we went last year and got a set and might go next December. That’s 6 bands ?

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      You can reuse your old bands if you still have them. They have a unique number code on the back that can be linked to any future reservation or tickets.

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      Amy N.

      Yep, and you can opt out of having a new set sent.

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      There is a lady who owns a company called my fantasy band. You can look her up on google and you can email her and tell her you have magic bands that you don’t want and she’ll trade you her product for your next trip. She makes magic band decals

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    These are actually not as big as they seem in the photo. Current magicbands have a blocked off back and are rather thick, were the new version is much thinner and only about 15% wider.

    Lanyard and keyring attachment will be welcomed by many including pin traders. I imagine it might be easier to keep on children too.

    Hopefully they add more options to style them, especially the center piece!

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      This. Glad you said all of that.

      It’s very, VERY comfortable. It’s much lighter and the material is softer and much more flexible. I have never been a MagicBand fan because they are big and annoy me. Plus, they take too long to register for me (I know, picky).

      After wearing the new ones for 4 days I really felt they were very comfortable. They also, for some reason, appeared to register much faster when paying and at park entry.

      So, step in the right direction. Hopefully, some day we’ll be able to say, “Back in my day we had to wear a big heavy thing around our wrist!!”

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        Tami reese

        How were you able to get the “new band”? We go the 16th and are Annual Pass holders and renew our pass when we arrive on the 17th. Will we receive the new one? Hoping so 🙂

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      Dag nabbit good stuff you wheprersnappips!

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      Stay with this guys, you’re helping a lot of people.

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    Will the magic bandits work with these? They look wider and thicker.

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    Looks pretty big for a child

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    Wendy Jackson

    Could you show how the center pops out? I have had no problems with the magic band as is, but it’s hard to have an opinion on the new ones until I see how it actually works.

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    They are so hot to wear I can’t image an even bigger one.

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    I like the idea that you can put it in a key chain or lanyard and stop wearing it on your wrist. Yes I know the keychain or lanyard would be an added expense but it would be worth the comfort factor…clip to your belt loop instead.

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    Wow they look great am hoping to get to Disneyworld next year and they will be so convenient last time we went we had paper tickets and we kept losing them.

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    I can’t wait!!

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    Looks nice, I hope we get theses when I get to go! Hurry Up lol!

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    mary callahan

    The regular Magic Bands is ok with me. Better than losing those access cards all the time. But as soon as I’m on that plane, headed home, “adios and aloha Magic Band!!”

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    When you think about it, that’s got to be the right anserw.

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    The older Magic Bands are large enough. This is too big, imo.

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    Are the new bands available for purchase yet? Anybody ordered theirs online yet?

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    I’m quite pleased with the information in this one. TY!

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