Comments for Brand New Announcements and Events coming from D23


  1. Fran Rokicki

    New band is too wide, thinner is better! Disappointed that’s the “new design” not creative or better for guests!

    1. Brian

      I love the new band. It’s very comfortable. Wore it the moment I got it at D23 and it is thinner. It’s only slight wider at the widest section. But, it’s much more flexible and very light. It’s definitely a better band. Everyone I know that is wearing the D23 band agreed. Don’t know what Fran is saying.

  2. Great pictures but I think I gained a couple of pounds just looking at those pictures.

  3. This is a great little post with some valuable tips. I totally agree. The way you bring passion and engagement into the things you do can really change your outlook on live.

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