Comments for Paint the Night parade returning to Disneyland on select dates starting Nov. 18


  1. Jason Schmidt

    No where does it say it will be the last chance to paint the night at Disneyland. Just because MSEP is returning for a limited engagement early next year, does not mean Paint the Night will not be returning as a seasonal option.

    1. Greg

      Exactly correct. The Paint the Night Parade needed major TLC, and that is the real reason for the break, not end, of the parade. Once the MSEP comes back, it will get another long break to finish the TLC, and then it will be back, though no word on if it will be back daily, or for limited runs.

      1. Zack

        I think what the author is referring to is the post made by Disney Parks Blog when they announced that Main Street Electrical Parade was returning to Disneyland. The headline ended with “Last Chance to ‘Paint the Night'”. The reality is that it’ll more than likely stay at Disneyland and continue to run following MSEP’s “limited engagement”, but Disney hasn’t confirmed anything and the blog post title from Disney can be misleading.

  2. Brian

    Isn’t paint the night coming to wdw

    1. Greg

      Not at this time Brian. That was wishful thinking not long ago, and unfortunately, it doesn’t look like that is going to happen.
      Micechat had a long detailed write up about that scenario a month or two ago.

  3. Cassie

    Im so exited for this parade to come back! This is my favorite parade of all time! I always cry when I see this parade because this always just get s me in the feels

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