Comments for Michael J Fox poses with the DeLorean from ‘Back to the Future’ at Universal Studios Florida!


  1. Joseph

    I wish the BTTF ride was still there!!!

  2. Alicia

    Back to the Future ride should still be there my son likes it now and future Generations would love to ride it it was epic!!

  3. michael todd

    Totally agree…bttf ride is a classic would be continued to be loved. Simpsons is alright but will never stand the test of time

  4. EricJ

    Back to the Future -was- Universal.
    Simpsons was Fox’s hot property–And, at Disney, so was American Idol.

  5. Karen

    I love back to the future and think the movie was iconic and deserves the ride to be there something else can go!!!

  6. Brian Story

    I am a huge fan of BTTF,With that being said they should just update the ride with 3D hologram imagery.I have never been able to experience the magic of the ride and want that chance one day.

  7. Ricky Rooney

    The Simpsons have faded now and Back to the Future is very much as loved as it ever was

  8. Andy L.

    I liked the Back to the Future ride and wish it was still there..but can’t compare it to Simpson ride as have not been on it..Maybe Universal can bring it back in a new version?

  9. Kurt

    BTTF remains my favorite film of all time. Losing the ride was heart breaking. It was my reason for going. I haven’t been back to Universal since. I’ve never ridden The Simpsons.

    1. DC

      One of the very few times I have ever set foot in a Universal park since the ride closed was on October 21, 2015 in honor of BTTF pt. II and I saw guests in BTTF costumes everywhere.

  10. Bob

    Definitely BTTF it was awesome!!!

  11. DC

    Bring back BTTF the Ride!!! Simpsons does’ belong because a Fox IP doesn’t belong in a Universal theme park. If I ran Universal not only would BTTF return, but so would Jaws, Kongfrontation, Hanna Barbera, and Nickelodeon Studios. I’m also sorry to say this but Harry Potter doesn’t belong in Universal either because it’s a Warner Bros. property. Both Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley should be packed up and relocated to Six Flags because Time Warner owns Six Flags. Universal would be better off if it never came out of the 1990s where it belongs, catering to that generation and make future generations like the 90s generation.

    1. This Is My Display Name

      Bit hypocritical, aren’t you?

      Universal doesn’t own Hanna Barbera or Nickelodeon any more than they own FOX or Warner Brothers. (In fact, Hanna Barbera is owned by Warner Brothers…)

      Your issue seems to be more with change on a whole than brand purity.

      I’d suggest intellectual honesty next time.

  12. CeCe

    BTTF ride was awesome, but it started to get old looking after many years. I wish they kept it, but just updated with the new technology they have now, and made it an adventure through all three movies and the various time lines. My kids loved the BTTF ride as well, and were really upset when that whole area turned into a Simpsons themed area.

    I was just at Universal for HHN, and I couldn’t believe they still have Barney (Is he still even on TV?), The whole kids area is still the same as it was when my kids were babies, and they are in their 20’s now! If we want to talk about areas needing updating, ET, Woody Woodpecker and Barney have to go. Kids today have no idea who any of them are!

    1. This Is My Display Name

      It’s strongly rumored that if ET goes, then Spielberg goes with it.

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