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  1. Thomas

    I’ve rarely been less interested in a ride. Talk about putting company synergy before the interests of the customer. I hope Universal Creative can pull something interesting out of what they’ve been handed but this does not bode well for the corporate future of Universal.

    1. Stephen Claiborne

      I cant agree more!

    2. EricJ

      All I can picture is the two kids in Jurassic World groaning through Fallon’s safety preshow in the Biosphere ride, and the futuristic Ride vehicle doesn’t help the comparison.

      Otherwise, this sounds uncannily like what DCA’s Superstar Limo was going to be, before they had to slow it down and take the story out.

    3. EricJ

      Um…………, actually.

    4. Thomas

      Jimmy Fallon is certainly popular – but is there a market for “what I really want to do is… ride in a gyrocycle of some sort… with Jimmy Fallon… through New York City.”? I mean, of all the IP in the world, to choose The Tonight Show for a simulator ride?

      Fallon gets around a 0.8 Nielsen rating on a good night. That’s number 1, but it’s about 924,800 people watching (Nielsen’s methodology is a little cryptic, but that’s a good guess.) Using the same conversion metric, Johnny Carson would get between a 7 and an 8 rating, meaning somewhere around 8,500,000 viewers, back in the seventies and eighties. Things have changed, and watching Fallon for three minutes on YouTube on Wednesday morning is not engendering the same brand love as nine times the people watching Carson for ninety minutes a night.

      Like I said, I have nothing but love for Universal Creative but this is a tough IP to build a crowd-pleasing ride around. More importantly, this isn’t going to drive anyone to make a special trip to the park like Kong has, for example.

      1. EricJ

        It’s replacing Earthquake/Disaster!, so looks like USF will turn “San Francisco” into an extension of NY.

        1. Josh

          Actually it is replacing Twister. Fast and Furious will be replacing Disaster!

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