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  1. T.C.

    You have made a great choice Disney! I am so excited and so glad you are putting in something new. Osborne was not my favorite. I think ppl will like the new show so much more. Can’t wait~

    1. T.C.

      how do i delete my comment ? After watching a video of the osborne I see it was very beautiful and will be missed.

      1. MJS

        The biggest part I’ll miss of the Osborne lights is the energy boost I’d get running the Food & Wine half marathon when we’d go through the lights. You were overwhelmed and excited and knew you were almost done. I hope they’ll have this show running when we come racing through this year!

      2. AJS

        What QQ said. lol

  2. Ken J

    Not quite sure this new show would be considered “closure” for the Osborne Family lights being removed. This new show is more a “stand and watch the show unfold before you” much like Fantasmic or Iluminations. The Osborne Family lights had an immersive aspect to it as you walked among the the backlot streets and took in the elaborate light displays and discovered the small nuances in the display (the lit bicycle standing against the building stoop, for example).

    The new show sounds cool, but I would not consider it to be closure by providing me the same interactive experience that the previous show provided.

    1. Jeffrey

      This sounds like a castle light show… just at the studios and holiday themed. I guess it’s something but it’s unoriginal and doesn’t come close to Osbourne.

  3. Andy

    So much more than strings of lights? Are you serious? Strings of lights are actual decorations, beautiful in their own right. This is a load of franchise characters shoehorned into a projection show. It’s the very opposite of original, and there’s a chance viewers may simply not enjoy the story. The title isn’t a great omen. This is a massive downgrade the Osborne lights.

  4. EricJ

    Isn’t it USEFUL not to have a big hat or stage in the way anymore? 🙂

  5. Brian Crompton

    Brian UK.
    Love the Osborne lights let’s hang fire on new light show until we have seen it.
    I’ll be there for its first showing on the 14th.

  6. Jim

    Nothing can replace Osborne lights. Need more Christmas. Lights of winter. Tree lighting ceremony. Maybe they filmed Osborne lights to project on screen at end of Jingle jam. Is the desert party worth the price.

  7. Jeff

    This show isn’t there to replace Osborne Lights, its there to have a holiday show instead of Star Wars going during the holidays…since, you know, its the holidays.

  8. DM

    Osborne Lights definitely main reason we vacationed during holidays at Disney World. Have cancelled season passes and moved on. I’m sure someone will pick Osborne Lights up, too many followers and traditions. It was unique, new show looks like same old format that goes on every night at Disney World with one theme or another.

    1. Daniele Drollinger Clark

      We did too!!!’ That was our family’s favorite to do! We have spent New Year Eve there several times. Just not the same.

  9. Vincent Avila

    Nothing will ever come close to the osborne lights.

  10. Don

    Using buildings as a projection surface is not the same as projection mapping. If done right it’s very nice (see the castle show at DLP). This (like Star Wars) is cheap, easy and not Disney worthy imho. The “I’m glad they at least do something” response is hurting the park. The desert party is a cheap money grab and not worth the price if it’s like the Star Wars one.

  11. Kim

    Nothing can replace the Osborne lights. They were magical! I’m not even looking forward to HS this year. ☹️

  12. Very disappointed Osborne Lights have ended, it was our main reason to go to Hollywood Studios during holidays, ugh!!! Walking the back lot streets with hot chocolate and being immersed in awe lifted one’s spirits!!! Please bring display back, it was exclusive to Hollywood Studios magic.

  13. Felicia Quintana

    do we need pass, is is free where do we go to see new show?

  14. Kristi Berlt

    I’m so sad watching my videos of Osborne Lights this year. One of the few things that Disney had that never gets old. I enjoy Disney but they took away something truly magical to continue capitalizing on this Star Wars hoopla and it just sucks.

  15. Ted

    I just watched this show and it is in NO way a replacement for the Osborne lights! This is just a repackaged magic kingdom castle show. Disney failed big time by getting rid of the best Christmas light show in the world. The Osborne lights were the best part about visiting WDW during the Christmas season. I am not a Star Wars fan so I could care less about that edition. Also I could care less about Avitar! I hope Universal studios buys the Osborne lights just to stick it to Disney!

    1. JJ

      Have to agree, nothing can replace the Osborne Lights and it was for all ages, and just seeing the new show didn’t impress me at all. Sure it was a nice show for the kids but it was not as amazing as the Osborne Lights. Not many people stayed around to watch the entire show. It’s the type of show you see once and don’t go back to see it again.

  16. Kim

    Just arrived in Orlando and found out that Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights is no longer at Disney! I’m extremely disappointed bc it was what my family has been looking forward to the most! It was magical to see and I will not be returning for my annual Disney Xmas trip until they return. I also hope Universal decides to take over this gorgeous display so I can spend my money elsewhere.

    1. Denise

      I was going every year too. So disappointed this year. I wanted to share with family and I thought going anyway would be magical. Ha ..I wa so dissatisfied with the lack of bliss that the Osbourne lights had created .

  17. Mary Guildford

    We loved the Osborne lights! We were due to go to Florida in April 2010, then the Iceland volcano went off, and we lost my mum the same week. We rearranged for November 2010, having found out in the August that my brother had Acute Myeloid Leukemia and that I was to be his donor! Walking down Streets of America to the lights and hearing Felize Navidad for the first time was simply magical – all our troubles seemed a million miles away, and we had the best holiday ever. The lights were the icing on a wonderful cake!

  18. Denise

    What the heck are they thinking removing Osborne Spectacular Festival of Lights.
    What a disappointment this year on Christmas Day going there. I want to make a formal complaint who do I contact?

  19. Candy

    Went to Disney in December 2016. This would be our 19th time there. Soooo disappointed that the Osborne Lights are gone. It was always the highlight of our trips to Disney. The Jingle Jam Bam show did absolutely nothing for us. The feeling was just not there. Please, please, please bring back the Osborne Lights and put them in a different location in the park. You have made so many people unhappy with this decision.

  20. Christain

    The Osborne Light show is the main reason I’ve kept my season pass. I was very fortune enough to see the last show. For as long as I can remember, each time I would notice something else and we loved to count the Mickey ears that were hidden.
    Not that they care but this was the worst decision sense they closed the River Country. Very sad!

  21. Tom

    So now, in addition to paying over $100 to get into this park (whatever its new name will be), you pay an additional $69 per person to watch some 10 or 15 minute video projected on the side of the old Chinese theatre building. But, wait, you get snacks and a beverage for that admission. Now we are beginning to find out how Disney keeps that revenue flow maxed out, ticketholders just keep paying and paying and paying. It’s like over at EPCOT where they now bring in musical entertainment for the Flower festival and Wine and Food Festival that most have never heard of before. On top of that they cancelled all the summer concerts. So you continue to pay more and more for admission and then pay more inside the parks (check out the cost of eating at a Disney restaurant) and now even more add-ons.

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