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Mickey Mouse


  1. Stephanie

    Maybe it is just me, but are there any changes really? Can somebody post a picture from maybe a month ago, so to compare to the ‘new’ look.

  2. Trent

    Mickey’s head is a lot thinner now and his eyes are now more ovals than circles. Poor guy must’ve gotten his head slammed in a door. Maybe it’s nostalgia, but I prefer his former look, this is a bit too cartoony. Then again, he is a cartoon mouse so…

    1. Trent

      Also, does he look like this in everything now? Like the DCA Newsboy show and Magical Map? That seems like something even casual visitors would notice.

  3. Kyle

    I’ve loved the new look for Mickey since it was first revealed for Shanghai. It’ll still be hard to let the old one go, though, as that’s how Mickey’s looked for basically my entire life. But the new design is much warmer and friendlier looking. Even with my nostalgia, I admit the old look had a tendency to be a touch on the cold and creepy side, especially for the version that could move his mouth and blink.

  4. “And with it went the beloved Paint the Night parade (for the time being,) the Disneyland Forever fireworks show, and World of Color: Celebrate at Disney California Adventure”
    I do not agree, look at

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