VIDEO: Halloween season has arrived at Walt Disney World with festive decorations

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The first Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party kicks  off this Friday at Magic Kingdom so it’s not very surprising to see that the Fall/Halloween decor popped up today in the park. Funny pumpkins, sunset hued leaves and Mickey Pumpkin lanterns now decorate Main Street all the way down to the castle.


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The Main Street Confectionery is now also offering tons of Halloween goodies.




The stores have also stocked there shelves with plenty of Halloween merchandise. Take a closer look HERE


Are you excited for Halloween time in the parks?


  1. Ken Hutchinson

    Thanks for the pictures I am using these to convince my mothers daughter to let me take her and her little half sister to WDW for Halloween on a 4 day break next year

  2. Madalyn McGoun

    Absolutely love Mickey’s not-so-scary Halloween Party. My wife and I attended for many years wearing a cute costume each time. Unfortunately my wife passed away this year, however to honor her I am going to the Halloween party by myself. Hopefully she’ll be there with me, only this time as a real live ghost.

  3. Charles

    I think the only problem is how much the party costs. Can I get the treats in the daytime when I go down there


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