Comments for New limited-time Disney Princess meet and greet in World of Disney at Disney Springs


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    Inside the store (they’re currently on a Princesss girl-power promotion), it could work.
    Outside, in the small-town Springs setting, not so much. Characters don’t usually do as well outside the context of the parks.

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    As much as I really love this idea, I dont think its fair that anyone (Who isnt a park guest) could go and meet princesses. It expensive enough to go to Disney that I want as many perks as possible! 🙂

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    I think it’s a wonderful idea. My family was able to come to Disney through my wife’s work. We would not of been able to come otherwise. Meeting the princesses (especially Ariel) was the only thing my daughter really wanted to do. Being able to meet princesses for those that can’t necessarily afford to go into Disney to do so to me is an amazing opportunity.

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    Nat, character meet & greet was already not restricted to paying park guests, and personally, I think it’s a great option. There’s so much that you can ONLY do in the parks, and meet & greets can take up SO much time, it’s nice to have this option on a non-park day besides resort character meals.

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