It’s a Jungle Out There! Jungle Cruise inspired playhouse docks in family’s backyard

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Inspired by Disney’s classic Adventureland attraction, this Jungle Cruise themed playhouse is set for a safari. After several months of planning and choosing the perfect place in their backyard, this stunning replica resembles the Disneyland boathouse right down to the lookout tower.

The project is one father’s labor of love for his daughters and is filled with delightful details to evoke memories of the family’s trips to Disneyland.  Complete with an authentic looking Jungle Cruise sign, daily ‘chicken’ menu, life preserver and work desk, this iconic green and yellow play house is for imaginative adventures.  On the structures porch, a large steering wheel and mounted telescope set the stage for a thrilling safari on the rivers of adventure.  Surrounded by bamboo and standing sturdy, the project, which took four months to complete, is ready for creating amazing childhood memories.



Check out the build progress and more photos here.

What child wouldn’t love a pinch of pixie dust parked right in their backyard? The Jungle Cruise is just one of many Disney attractions that would make a memorable childhood clubhouse. Which attraction would YOU choose for your child?  Tell us about it in the comments below!

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