Comments for Idina Menzel: Giving Elsa a Girlfriend in ‘Frozen 2’ Is a “Wonderful Idea”



  1. Mike

    Hello NO!!!

    1. Isaac


  2. Danielle

    No she is perfect all by her self my daughter loves who she is and Dsnt want her to have a gf or bf she wants Elsa to be her self and strong on her own this is coming from an 8 year old so why not as the kids ??? Let the kids deside

  3. Giuliana

    The real question for Idina should be: Elsa was gay in Frozen I?… If the answer is NO Then this is the worst idea ever Because you cant change the sexuality of a fictional character just because some people like more that way Im all for a lesbian princess but not if she is a heterosexual princess turn in a lesbian for the fans Ask Jennifer Lee first if Elsa is really gay, if she is not… I dont like this idea

    1. Kenneth Cox

      …technically she can be lesbian if the writers decide she is. Considering she was locked away most of her life, why can’t she discover she is homosexual?

      1. EricJ

        And if the writers decide she isn’t? END. OF. STORY.
        Like the Big Fat Bearded Dude says, they’re the filmmakers’ movies, not the fans’.

        1. Marissa

          Coming from someone who is gay herself, i have to agree that it’s probably best that Elsa have no significant other at all. The whole point in a story like Frozen is that the heroes be the team of sisters who in the end need to man (or woman for that matter! ) to help them because they have each other. Why does another relationship need to be brought to light out of nowhere?

  4. EricJ

    That’s right, Idina, you’re a servant of Disney…WHY THE HECK ARE WE ASKING YOU in the first place?

  5. Mandy

    Why does she have to have either?! It’s important for kids, and anyone really, to realize that it’s perfectly OKAY to be unattached.

  6. Fenna

    Oh hell no Elsa is so strong and comfident by her self that enough not all pricesses/queens need a prince/king and i think that would be pretty comfusing for the kids to (no hate spreade love and peace ?)

  7. erin

    I agree with everyone. Elsa does not need a girlfriend or a boyfriend for Frozen 2. She can be a strong female character without the aid of a significant other.
    Fenna- I agree with your comment as well that children would probably be very confused. I could not imagine having a young child (4/5 years old) and trying to explain the relationship.

    1. Seth

      You say “She’s in love”… There I explained it for you.

    2. Alicia

      It’s actually very easy to explain to children. It is very easy to understand for them, because they are not born with homophobia. Homophobia is learned. All you have to say is, “Aunt Jane loves her wife just like I love your daddy.” And I can pretty much guarantee the kid will be like, “Okay!” and carry on. It’s not some dark secret. Just normal people in love.

      1. A person can still be disgusted by a homosexual relationship without having homophobia. I dont agree with the treatment of gays, them being killed in other countries and all, but a lesbian relationship should not be shown to impressionable kids on a movie. Its gross and not natural. You call it love, I call it curruption, and if Disney allows for my child to see curroption, Im not watching Disney.

        1. Tyann P.

          But this comment in itself is homophobic? And being disgusted by homosexuality is also homophobic? Nobody would be showing any type of homosexual relationship in a children’s movie just to scream “oh, look, they’re gay!” (because by that logic every single movie that has heterosexual romance is screaming “Oh, look, they’re straight!”) Homosexuality isn’t meant to be sexualized or shoved down anyone’s throat, it simply exists as heterosexuality exists. There’s nothing inappropriate about Elsa having a girlfriend in movie 2 if that’s what the filmmakers see fit.

  8. Cam Holtoe

    Why is this even an issue? Who bloody cares?

    1. EricJ

      Another question would be “Why was Miley guest-hosting Ellen and asking the question Ellen would ask?”
      The bigger question is, “When fan-rumor sites ask actors if they’d ‘like’ to do a dream role–like they have any say in the matter–is it like when you were four, and went to ask Grandma hoping she’d say yes when Mommy said no?”

  9. Kenneth Cox

    I am all for it. How about we all move into the 21st century? Lesbian and gay relationships are normal and real. They are full of love just like heterosexual relationships. Think about how long it took for a black princess? How about how long before a princess or female lead that didn’t need a man? If they do decide to give a relationship (not sure she needs one) then it shouldn’t be locked into the same old stereotype of prince and princess. Move forward!

    1. JimV

      Sister relationships should be normal too. Maybe add Kristoff for a polygamist relationship. We shouldn’t leave out Olaf and Sven. Interspecies and creature romance.

  10. Casey

    Elsa is the embodiment of power, love, strength! Whether it be a male or female, her character would be better without! So many people look up to her for her independence! So why take that away from little girls all over?

  11. Ann

    NO NO AND NO!!! Disney is going way too far if this happens and will loose a lot of fans this one included!!

    1. camille

      Disney is making the right decision. if they’re going too far then they should have gone too far. they will also get more support from many more accepting fans, myself included. they don’t need homophobic, judgmental people like you to tell Elsa who to love

  12. kathy

    I am not against Disney having a gay princess or prince. I don’t think it should be Elsa though. She has already established herself, her character as a strong independent woman, and it has shown kids that you don’t have to have a significant other to feel true love (like she has with her sister). Disney should create another character and have them be gay, bi, transgender, whichever. Children are already exposed to all this in todays world and it is a conversation that every parent will eventually have to have, like it or not. No matter what there will always be people that disagree, haters gonna hate, but this is 2016 and times are different.

  13. sheila

    No, this is not something most parents or grandparents want there children exposed to so early in life. If they do you can bet I won’t be going to or buying the movie for our family

    1. Louise

      Yes, you wouldn’t want to expose your children to love so early in life. Or reality. Or equality.

      Think of the harm!

      1. Tony

        O STOP!!! it’s a cartoon. For kids. I think a lot of you people forget why we all watch movies. It’s to get away from reality for a hour or so. not every moment in time has to be a teaching lesson. it can just be FUN!!!!! and yes I am a gay male.

  14. JimV

    I thought she’s into her sister like Luke and Leia. She could be into snowmen. She created two.

  15. Caleb

    Kinda mirroring what everybody has been saying, I don’t think Elsa needs a love interest. I think they can delve more into Anna and Kristoff’s relationship if they want a love story for the sequel. In all honesty, I would be very upset with Disney if they ever create a lesbian princess or a gay prince in one of their children’s films. That would be very inappropriate. It would be straight up propaganda for a certain lifestyle that not everybody agrees with.

    1. Alicia

      I agree that it’s important for kids to know that you can be successful without a significant other, and that Elsa is a good example of that. However, it is ridiculous to say that having a lesbian Disney princess would be “propaganda for a lifestyle not everyone agrees with.” It would be a risk on Disney’s part, because they might lose homophonic fans, but it would be a step in the direction of equality. Do you know what it feels like to live in a world in which there is almost no mainstream media representative of you and your true love (example: me and my girlfriend of 4 years)? Newsflash: gay people are EVERYWHERE. And there is nothing inherently “inappropriate” about gay relationships, just like there is nothing inherently inappropriate about heterosexual relationships. Let the little girl with two mommies see a movie about a princess with two queens for mommies. If you think there is something “dirty” about two people in love, you are wrong.

      1. Caleb

        If you go to a Disney park today and you see all the different people there in all walks of life then you can see that the way Disney is currently is attracting fans just fine the way it is. So in that sense I don’t think they are at risk of losing fans. People already love Disney the way it is. I do think they are at risk of losing fans if they integrate a certain lifestyle that not everybody agrees with into their media (movies, shows, theme parks etc.) You can read some of the comments on here that will show that there are people out there who are not for putting those things into a children’s film. Don’t get me wrong I don’t hate people who are gay I just don’t agree with the way of life.

    2. I dont have anything against gays but i would prefer if disney created and developed a new gay princess rather that turning a character gay without any development

    3. Louise

      Homosexuality isn’t a “lifestyle”, it’s just life.

      And if you’re worried about the delicate subjects a Disney film might teach a child, I think it’s wise to consider the decades of princesses presented to young girls who needed saving by men or had to be pretty or wealthy to be powerful…. Or white.

      It’s only very recently that that narrative has started to catch up with contemporary culture & you’re seeing more independent & healthy role models for young people in these movies. And I say that as a fan.

      I don’t think Elsa needs a partner because that’s not what the film was about. But she certainly could be a lesbian. And I promise you no child would be confused or upset by that unless an adult had previously told them that was something to be confused or upset by.

  16. Danielle

    Why are we having this discusion? Disney will never use gay caracters in childrens movies. They go for the big public. Tiana was logical just like Pocahontas was, but Disney is not about sexuality. It’s all about the world of children. They don’t ask themselfs why they never see gay caracters in the movies now do they? It’s an adult question so for adult movies.

    1. Alicia

      I don’t understand why so many people equate gay and lesbian relationships with sex. If a kid can see a man and woman kiss, why shouldn’t they see two women or two men kiss? Love is love, and there is nothing “dirty” about gay couples.

  17. Jacob Woodley

    Sorry to say I’m not for this. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with Same Sex Relations. But I believe that Elsa already has a woman she loves in her life, her sister Anna. A girlfriend would just destroy the point of that bond they have. Not to mention it’s a little inappropriate to make a fictional character aimed at children to be gay. In all honesty, I think Disney won’t make her gay.

  18. Jones

    No. no, and no again. Why are we even having this discussion? Because some people on the internet are demanding sth? If you start listening to people on the internet, you´re dead, period.

  19. Laura

    If the sequel was all about Elsa finding romance, then it’d be a waste of a sequel. I personally feel that if Elsa stays single, then that keeps her open for interpretation and allows the massive following she has to stay that way. So many people relate to her in all sorts of different ways, and the second you stick a label on her, many of those people will lose that relation or stop seeing her as their hero.

    I like to think that the movies are just part of their story. If they leave her ambiguous, then who knows what she might be? 😉

  20. Greg

    This is simply a repost of an earlier article they did that got a lot of comments / clicks (money) and so they are reposting. The poster said he FORGOT he posted it before, then deleted my comments when I called him on it. Twice now. Pretty ridiculous.
    But, they refused to delete comments on another thread where the F word was used repeatedly. Family friendly this site is not.

  21. Maria

    No this is a terrible idea! These are children’s movies. Disney is not about sexuality.

    1. Alicia

      You’re right that Disney is not about sexuality. Which is why there would never be a sex scene in a Disney movie, and that is good. But if a kid can see a man and a woman kiss, why can’t they see two women kissing? There is nothing more inherently “sexual” about two people of the same gender in a relationship.

      1. Amber

        Except it’s wrong according to the word of God. Maybe that’s a great enough answer why. If we’re trying to teach our children right from wrong why would we support a movie that’s going to confuse them. God created Adam and Eve. Male and Female to join as one in marriage. God created marriage not the government. The government has twisted what love should be according to the word of God. God loved us enough to send his son Jesus to die for our sins, we are born sinners. That’s a fact so why can’t we abide by the laws of the book and live for Christ when he gave his life for us, as undeserving human beings. That’s all.

        1. Caleb

          Amen! If we remove God and the Bible from society then it is free reign for all kinds of things that are wrong to become normal. That’s why people think it’s appalling to say gay marriage is wrong because there is no moral standard.

        2. Rena

          And thats why god created the homo sapiens not the hetero sapiens

    2. Louise

      You do realize a Disney princess kisses a prince in like every movie, right? And wear tight dresses with visible cleavage. Sexuality is definitely not absent from Disney films. Come on now.

  22. Ken Hutchinson

    I don’t care what they do but this will never happen for one simple reason MONEY. Do this and the movie will not open at all in several Asian and South American markets. Plus a lot of parents in the US will not go to it and Disney has spent a lot of money on the Epcot stuff for Frozen and if parents do not want to have the talk about this with young children you can be they will not go on the ride.

    1. EricJ

      And that’s why you don’t ask actors what the studio should do.

  23. Gaspar

    Let me say it with Elsa´s words: “Yes, I’m alone, but I’m alone and FREE” (As she says in: For the first time in forever – Reprise).

  24. Anonymous

    The problem is people just want it to happen for the sake of it. They want an LGBT character so bad they’re willing to stick the label on her without hesitation. But for crying out loud this isn’t a democracy! Let the creators do they’re job. Forcing them to abandon their image to fit whatever Twitter wants is just selfish. Stop acting like the movie will be bad if she doesn’t get a girlfriend! So what if she doesn’t have a love interest in her happy ending? It’s not like single people have to feel lonely. And it’s not fair to assumed she’s a lesbian just because she didn’t show interest in men. If she needs to build a relationship with anyone, it’s her sister. I mean they basically missed their whole childhood together, so they have a lot of catching up to do.

    Twitter, do everyone a solid and just leave Elsa be.

  25. Katz

    No, this should not be, people able to make a decision for any parent. I can’t believe any parent would want this in their children mind.

  26. Robert

    Hey Disney…READ THIS. Elsa’s character has already been set. If you are wanting to introduce this… right or wrong (in some people’s eyes…mine include and won’t state it here) …introduce it in another character. Not ones that have already been shown especially in such a strong film for the franchise as Frozen.

  27. Kristie Jones

    This is the craziest idea ever! I will not subject my child to watch that, all though she loves frozen part 1. When your an adult, you can do what you want. .but do not confuse kids no more than they already are now days! I’m so sick of crap like this! Come the hell on!!!!!

  28. Sam Quan

    I do not think that is a good idea. The character is perfect the way she is.

  29. Bob

    I can’t wait to see how the movie does if Disney alienates 95% of their audience for the benefit of the 5% who fraudulently portray their gender as something it isn’t. I better sell my stock now!!

  30. April

    I do not agree with the idea. I feel like kids have enough “grown up” issues to deal with these days, Disney does not need to add to it. Disney is supposed to be a place of fun and fantasy. Let the kids be kids, and not have to deal with all of the political correctness that our country is so focused on right now.

  31. Laura

    When it comes down to it, who really cares. Big corporations, like Disney, end up doing what they want to do, thinking they’ll make mega dollars and there will be those lining their pockets despite it all. That shows in attendance at the Disneyland and California Adventure Parks, even though daily passes and AP prices have increased. If you don’t want to see homosexuality portrayed in Disney’s movies, then don’t go see it. I think they next step would be Disney making movies with spiritual/ religious themes. Why not when they’ve done, or are considering, everything else but.

  32. Beth

    Meh… I think it would be better to just leave Elsa as a strong independent woman, or at least wait and see what the producers come up with using their creativity. Disney IS making progress though, such as with Oaken’s family in Frozen, the lesbian couple in Finding Dory, and confirmed homo romance in the next Star Wars film.

  33. Harley

    I am a happy single mom I am all about being strong and kiss my you know where aditude… Which has passed to my child! I am not homophobic by any means I use to live in NYC many theatre friends etc. But I feel PC is being shoved down our throats!!! All we want is to take our kids to see a movie “daring to be different and being strong hearted person” lesson is way different than “I am gay and proud” esp in a kids film! It’s one thing to explain that to young kids as well as apose to seeing it in a different film!! I am more worried about finding hope and surving in this world and have to always run into this!! Please for the love of God love yourself and move on don’t try to change what isn’t broken!!

  34. Lily

    That is a terrible idea. No no no no. I like Elsa the way she is. Please do not do this Disney. (I’m 8 by the way)

  35. Adrian

    Oh so instead of being a kids movie for kids its going to be a propaganda movie for gays? M Night Shyamalan making this one too? How about ellen does the voice for elsa on this one and neil patrick harris can be the snowman? And elsa can sing katie perrys songs on it too. And other can characters get offended in the movie and all the good guys call them bigots and finally the end of the movie fiery brimstone rains down on all the Sodomites? Classic disney you know what the fans want. Lets have twitter write movies for now on. Cant stop there lets make all the movie characters gay. Then it would be a special thing to be straight. Yaaaay!!!

  36. Roberta Vickers

    She was isolated for so long, she isn’t going to know about relationships. Depending on where they are going with this. I think they need to know exactly where they are to go with this if it happens.

  37. Ashley

    I think Elsa is great the way she is a independent female figure.

  38. Sam Thomas

    Elsa needs a boyfriend not a girlfriend ….Jack is the best boyfriend for Elsa … because they just relates each other… and are similar to each other… that would be the one of the best princess stories like in every princess story does… and that can be the next Frozen movie if the producers desire but instead of making an improvement in Frozen movies , they have came to the point of making princess Elsa a lesbian… Hey.. Disney are you out of your mind? Discuss and Make movies that gives entertainment because kids are also watching your wonderful princess movies…so don’t go too far and it will give you a bad name from the people… make movies simple like you have done earlier….so think well. Do well…???

  39. Sam Thomas

    Please Disney.. don’t change the princess stories to a homosexual movies…because the kids are watching too.. don’t always think about yourself, think about other also… please take the request of this child…

  40. Colleen

    I feel like the being strong on your own is the best bet . She is a strong confident woman by herself. She doesn’t need a relationship to be who she is . Would be interesting if the writers went the asexual route. In Ralph breaks the internet or think she is staring at Merida. And I kinda love that for fan fiction. So maybe that is a hint of some kind. But ultimately it is up to the writers and us fans have no say .

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