‘Finding Dory’, ‘Zootopia’, ‘Pirates’ and a revamped parade coming to Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea

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Guests planning an awesome vacation to Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea will have some new Disney properties to look forward to!

Oh My Disney reports that, in the spring of 2017, Disney’s Easter will be celebrated at both Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea. What’s new, you ask? Well, a new Easter-themed parade will feature the Tokyo Disneyland debut of Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde from Disney’s recent animated hit Zootopia.

At Tokyo DisneySea, the entire Park will be festooned with “colorful springtime decorations.” Park guests will “find décor themed to these bonnets in addition to Easter eggs.”

Furthermore, a new attraction will be opening in the Port Discovery area of Tokyo DisneySea called Nemo & Friends SeaRider. It has been reported that the attraction will “immerse guests in the underwater world of these popular stories by using a ride system that seamlessly blends glorious new visuals with a dynamic motion-base system.” Will it be anything like Nemo’s adventures in Disneyland Anaheim or Epcot in Orlando? Who knows, but the plot involves guests in their submarine shrinking to the size of a fish!


If that’s not enough, their Turtle Talk attraction will be updated with Dory and Squirt joining Crush along with additional characters like Destiny the whale shark and Hank the octopus. Looks like the big blue world is about to make a big splash in the land of the rising sun.

Next up, just in time for Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, a special event will debut at Tokyo DisneySea where “guests can enjoy the show on the harbor featuring Captain Jack Sparrow, pirates, and tons of splashing water, as well as atmosphere entertainment presented by a crew of pirates.”

On top of the live entertainment, it looks like the park is going above-and-beyond to bring the Pirates universe to guests:

There will also be special merchandise, menu items, and decorations inspired by the special event that will “transform the Park into the world of Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean.” Special Pirates of the Caribbean-themed décor and atmospheric entertainment will also be featured in Tokyo Disneyland.

And lastly, coming on July 11, 2017 will be a refreshed version of the Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade Dreamlights featuring “an icy castle float with Anna and Elsa from Frozen” as well as new floats for classic characters like Cinderella and a welcome return of the coveted Beauty and the Beast float (which has been absent since 2011).

It goes without saying that Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea have a lot of wonderful new additions to look forward to, and that’s great news for guests! For all things fun and awesome, stick with Inside the Magic!


  1. Lennon

    So Dory gets a whole ride even though it made more in Japan (and will world wide) but Zootopia only gets ANOTHER parade? Logic anyone? And how about Zootopia getting something state side? You know this billion dollar film that happens to also be the highest rated on Rotten Tomotes in 2016… Guess we never heard of that or even know that fans would love to ATCUALLY meet Nick and Judy and WDW.

    1. Lennon

      Oh joy at lack of editing power! What I meant was, Zootopia will make more in Japan and more worldwide, has better critical acclaim (nearly perfect on RT) and will likely win an Oscar! But Dory is already getting rides and Zootopia gets pretty much nothing? Why Disney?

      1. EricJ

        Not everything gets a RIDE just for making money, you know–Enjoy the Frozen Epcot ride.

        (And sounds like SeaRider might be replacing StormRider, which has no Disney tie-in value?)

        1. Lennon

          No it doesn’t. But it’s a general rule of thumb that movies with a HUGE following and a HUGE box office toatal and likely will win MANY AWARDS are pushed harder and given more! Also DVD and Blu-ray sales have been VERY GOOD for Zootopia! It will clear another 100m by years end and will be among the top 50 all time blu-Ray sales! This is simply smart business! You take a winner and run with it!

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