A brief history of The Happiest Haunts on Earth at Disneyland

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We know that there are 999 happy haunts enjoying their ethereal retirement at the Haunted Mansion in New Orleans Square at Disneyland, but what about the other alleged apparitions appearing at Happiest Place on Earth?  Could the dearly departed roam about the theme park?

image M Gavin
image M Gavin

To answer that question, it helps to understand a bit of ghostly guidelines – what is a ghost?  Simply spelled out, spirits are the souls of those who’ve departed the mortal coil but for one reason or another remain in a non-corporal state (either to watch over something, some place or someone or tending to unfinished business).

With that bit of haunted housekeeping out of the way, shall we wander around the park and tour a few of its rumored ghostly gathering spots?

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Ghost Galaxy (Space Mountain) – a rather tall, lumberjack looking lost spirit is said to take a seat next to unsuspecting single riders on the space-themed roller coaster.  This red-haired rider, allegedly an apparition who passed away on the ride, diligently disembarks the rocket car before the ride’s finish.  Then there’s “Disco Debbie,” the spirit of a cast member who may have passed away behind the ride – she gives off a green glow as she passes through the attraction.

image wikepedia
image wikepedia

Grad Night Guest on the Monorail Track – Thomas Cleveland decided to try to sneak into Grad Night in 1966, unfortunately he did not heed the warnings of a security guard.  Thomas was on the monorail track was struck by the train. Cast members tell tales of a figure running along the rail late at night, only to vanish in the very spot where Mr. Cleveland met his end.

Main Street after hours
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Main Street’s “Lady in White” – There’s a legend of a lady who left this world in 1900’s (long before Disneyland was built).  She’s said to still be attached to the location (perhaps delighted in the familiar turn of the century feel to Main Street?).  She’s been credited with guiding lost children to the baby care center as she wanders the street window-shopping in her Victorian attire.

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Main Street Fire Station – Walt Disney maintained an apartment above this very fire station so that he could oversee and enjoy his new playground.  When Walt was in residence he would keep a lamp lit as a way of announcing that he was there.  Shortly after Walt Disney passed away, a cast member cleaning the apartment noticed the lamp was lit, so she turned it off.  However, the lamp somehow managed to illuminate itself by the time she was downstairs.  She went back to extinguish the light only to witness it reignite right before her eyes.  Legend says that the light now shines brightly all the time as a reminder of Walt’s presence in the park.  Other cast members have heard nightly footsteps and what sounds like items moving about in the second story apartment.

image M Gavin
image M Gavin

These are just a few of the supposed spirits who haunt the park that Walt built.  The Matterhorn, Haunted Mansion and Small World attractions are also said to be inhabited by apparitions in their afterlife.

SOURCE: For more in depth details and stories visit the Wander Wisdom and Ranker websites, as they were the source for these spirited stories.

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