Comments for Walt Disney World offers direct bus service from theme parks to Disney Springs



  1. JimJ

    Not exactly a convenience if it isn’t convenient to return. I would think most people will pass on the offer and drive themselves to Disney Springs. This is more of a service to guests staying at the resorts.

    1. JeniLynn Knopp

      I can’t say that I disagree. The “convenience” here is only partial and oriented towards Disney Resort guests that have no personal means of transportation; nevertheless, it is a convenience as opposed to the inconvenience of not having direct transportation in either direction. The plus is that it is an option now for people who do want to take it, whereas before there was no option.

  2. EricJ

    The reason we DIDN’T have direct two-way Springs buses for a while was that Disney was discovering that some cheapskate park day-guests were using DtD as “free parking” for the parks, and shuttling over t the parks rather than pay the TTC parking.
    Now the Parks->Springs buses only run in the evenings and -to- the parks, so that those who actually want to use the shuttles for a Springs after-park dinner can do so. Makes more logical guest sense than a few jerks ruining it for everyone.

    1. JeniLynn Knopp

      So true, Eric. It is a shame that the original convenience of a shuttle going both ways was removed due to the “free parking” issue.

  3. Jamie Collingwood

    They could easily fix that by checking magic bands couldn’t they? I remember back in the day the bus drivers used to check for your disney ID card.

  4. JimJ

    They should consider giving park patrons an one-way return ticket. Otherwise, the guests will decide to just drive to Disney Springs directly and clog up the parking spaces as what you’ll expect anyways. Overall, this new benefit wasn’t well thought out.

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