Comments for Toothsome Chocolate Emporium offers up a perfect mix of Steampunk theming and affordable dining at Universal Orlando


  1. This place looks cool! The food looks delicious! & the desserts and milkshakes R 2 die 4! Makes me wanna have chocolate right now

  2. This all looks amazing,I cannot wait to see it in October.

  3. Brad

    This place looks totally awesome. But… please can someone explain the intention with the name “Toothsome”? Is it some sort of pun, or play on words? Is it a play on the words “awesome” and “tooth”? If so, why “tooth?” What does that have to do with chocolate? Because of the cavities it’ll create? I don’t understand it and I want to!

    1. Alex

      Toothsome is just a (rather old) word meaning tempting or delicious.

      1. Daniel

        Or it could mean it some teeth! šŸ˜›
        Sorry I couldn’t resist.

      2. Daniel

        *Edit* Or it could mean it has some teeth! šŸ˜›
        Sorry I couldnā€™t resist.

  4. My family had such a memorable time at the Toothsome Chocolate Emporium that I decided to recreate the scene for my daughters’ American Girl dolls! http://brandyshappyhome.com/toothsome-chocolate-factory-for-dolls/

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