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  1. EricJ

    Rumor (and it’s only rumor for the moment) has it that we’ll get a whole lesser-announced BOX later in October, for the “special edition” crowd that wants to pay them more money.
    Also featuring, get this, the three 3D-mastered Prequel Trilogy titles, including Phantom Menace 3D that played theaters, and the supposedly 3D-remastered Eps. 2 & 3 that Fox didn’t get a chance to put into theaters since the Disney changeover happened first.
    (Fox was going to release the Blu3D Phantom as a “player exclusive”, back in the Avatar days when those were incentives to buy Panasonic equipment, but that practice mercifully retired before Fox could sell the disk.)

    If it happens, it’s particularly telling, as some will say, “Yeah, ‘later”s what they said with Frozen!”, only in this case, we actually ARE getting 3D Disney Blu-rays later.
    Between this and actually releasing a 3D Zootopia, there may be a very positive change happening very slowly at BVHE. 🙂 All those “Oz the Great & Powerful” traumas may finally be healing.

  2. akydo

    I like to know is why is Disney not releasing their Blu Ray movies in 4k as well? like captian america civil war or star wars 7 , what are they waiting for

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