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  1. Sven Leichsenring

    I respect your critics the most here on ITM, because I believe that you tell me your feelings about a movie. You should take it as a compliment that people accuse you of on one hand rating Disney movies better than they are and on the other hand be an absolute Disney hater. That just means to me that you are in the healthy middle and don’t just follow the hive-mind.

    Keep it up Mike. I’ll be waiting for your next article.

    1. Kitty

      I love Mikes articles and reviews too. Its the last part of ITM that feels like “Inside the Magic”.

      Hopefully Ricky makes his way back here and brings the site back to its roots. But for now then I’m glad Mike is around because Its good to hear a voice that says “This is how I feel” rather than “This is what they want to hear”.

  2. Greg

    Thanks Mike for the very good and honest take. I have to disagree with your last statement though. We (as the public) should NOT go and see it in [in theatre’s], if the trailer did absolutely nothing on encourage someone to do so, and that is exactly where I find myself. I MIGHT have spent the time and a couple of bucks to catch it OUT of theatres, but that is unlikely now after you seemed to confirm what the trailer indicated – a meh film at best.
    There is too much competition these days for our time, attention, and money, and meh movies will not win in any of those competitions. I will never understand how there are 4-5 movies that come out nearly every week, 90% of which are meh are worse. Someone in the industry along the way should recognize when a movie doesn’t have “it,” and save the studio that money. Unfortunately, every once in a while, a bad movie actually makes lots of money. That is very unfortunate for many reasons.

  3. Kitty

    I think this is the appropriate time to say a huge “Thank You” to Mike for being on ITM. One of the reasons ITM got such a loyal fanbase was because Ricky Brigante ha such an honest voice about Disney. He was a fan, but he wasn’t a fanboy. And so his movie reviews would give praise when earned but point out when Disney stumbles. That is the kind of honesty that the new ITM lacks now that it is in new hands.

    And that is why Mike’s reviews are so important to ITM. I unsubscribed from the Facebook feed but I still check in to see what Mike says because he gives his opinion and thats exactly what a blogger should do. So, as long as Mike is staying honest then I’m sure theres a lot of fans who will continue to tune in.

    Now as for Pete’s Dragon. I love that your review was reduced to just a sentence. Sure, its disappointing because i really wanted more details but I guess its also accurate because many movies nowadays are nothing but “just a movie”. And while thats sad, its the truth and there really isn’t much else to say.

  4. Thank you so much about talking about honest reviews. I also do movie reviews and was very disappointed in Pete’s Dragon. It was my favorite movie as a kid and Disney did not honor the characters one bit. This post encouraged me to write a very honest review. Thank you again!

  5. LeoR

    Pete’s Dragon holds 86% on RT… pretty high for an “entirely unremarkable” movie isn’t it? According to the article’s logic, I should run to the theater for a guaranteed real treat… I think that movie critic in our time is very cheap. Anybody can give an uninformed film criticism, bashing or praising anything with no limits. Remember that not only professional critics has acces to public forums on the Internet! RT is only an aggregator, so if you put junk in it, you’ll get junk out of it

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