Comments for PREVIEW: Knott’s Scary Farm announces all mazes and scare zones for its 2016 event at Knott’s Berry Farm


  1. Adam Santic

    Is your team going to do First POV videos of all these attractions/shows/entertainment at Knott’s Berry Farm? Are they also going to do reviews for the attractions/shows/entertainment?

    I look forward to see the reviews and first POV videos!

  2. Dress up as superhero and when you get to the haunted house mazes ,some of them have women stranded , if you see actresses stranded inside the house rescue them,but ask the owner or one of workers if it’s okay because you need knows and when you know the rules then you can pretend to be a superhero guest

    1. If your a citizen of the town where Knot’s Berry Farm is or from town near there or from another town or a guest from another state or another country then you will have a chance to go there on October 31 but you don’t have to only if you want to your mission is find stranded actresses in one of the mazes hero guest number 1. should go to Voodoo:Order of The Serpent,The Tooth Fairy,Paranormal inc, and The Gunslingers:A Blood Moon Rises guest hero number 2 should go to Trick or Treat ,Dead of Winter,Revenge of the Wendigo and Red Barn guest hero number 3 should go to Shadow Lands and Black ops:Infected hurry before it’s too late if you see the actresses say “Help Me!,Save Me!” in one of the mazes save them but watch out for monsters if see them watch out try to get past the monsters and be brave enough to go through it because superheroes are not scared of everything and if a monster is guarding the lady tell them “Not So Fast!” If that doesn’t work and if the monster scared you and tried to chase you, run for your life dress up as a famous superhero or create and name your own hero

  3. I think it’s best to let it be because I was silly earlier you need to save them beacuse there just actors not real people

  4. I ment to say you don’t need to save them beacuse there just actors not real people

  5. Thanks for sharing

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