This year’s ‘Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party’ Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom card to feature Zootopia character Clawhauser

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Every year, excited Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party guests wait to see what character will be featured on the special Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom card that is exclusively handed out at the event. The Disney Parks Blog just revealed that this year’s card will feature the popular Zootopia character Clawhauser.


“Clawhauser’s Tricky Treat.” When a sorcerer casts this spell, dozens of magical donuts appear! But spell-casters must be wary: careless use might result in an explosion of rainbow sprinkles!

Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom is an in-park interactive experience that allows guests to join Merlin’s quest to defeat Disney Villains who are scheming to take over Magic Kingdom Park. Guests use maps to search for villain hideouts throughout the park, and visit magic portals where they use spell cards to fight back against a villain’s plan. The journey begins at the Firehouse on Main Street, U.S.A., where you can pick up everything you need to play.

This special event card will be distributed separately (and in addition to) the regular Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom card packs you’re given at this location. Guests must register to play with their party ticket and event wristband in order to get one.


  1. My grandson just left Disney this month and is a huge Disney fan and then some and just wrote on facebook from college that he just started yesterday and wants a card your given out for Holloween is it able to be purchase. My grandson is obsessed with everything Disney and is hoping to intern there next summer. Please e-mail me and let me know thank you in advance. Thank you

    1. Wendy

      Hi! You can only usually buy the party cards on eBay after the fact, but some people will ask to be sponsored for the party, since it is an additional ticket, and will send you the card afterwards. Most will buy any party exclusive merchandise you want, and only charge you shipping in addition to the item cost. I have done this for years. Feel free to contact me for more info if I can help you out 😉

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