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  1. JimJ

    Who would say on the survey that they don’t want the handles? You can’t hold three mugs at once without the handles.

    1. Charlene

      I think they should have the handles

  2. Tina W.

    Without a handle, I don’t think it can be called a mug any longer. Hehe…

  3. Jay

    I’m more likely to believe feedback. I think a lot of people try to put the mugs in the back of their strollers and can’t jam it into the cupholders. I remember that was one of the top complaints when the cups first came out.

  4. Tracy

    Hmmm…on the one hand, I can certainly see where it would be easier when you’re trying to fit them into vehicle cup holders. But on the other hand, we travel with them all around the parks with us and when we’re traveling to the parks in the morning, we clip them on on a large caribeaner clip on the back of our backpacks. That would be kind of difficult without a handle.

  5. Cliff

    Please keep the handle. In a large party much easier to carry when you have multiple handles. Besides I’ve never seen a cupholder that deep that it can’t “handle” the handle.

  6. Cp

    Great news. The handle is the one reason I don’t want to bring the cups back home to use.

    They’re nice cups as they are and I expect they won’t be tossed on the trash as often now…

  7. Jenni

    When we checked in a week ago we were given these handle-less mugs and the Disney cast members didn’t seem to know why the change had been made. When we went back to the dining area the handled mugs had suddenly reappeared and we exchanged our “inferior” lol mugs for the handled ones. Disney is trying to really save money, first the subpar thin toilet paper at the parks and now the handle – less mugs. What will be next….Mickey Mouse with one ear? Lol ?

  8. Carolyn

    Being a person who is in a wheelchair and requires someone else to push me most of the time I think this is a terrible idea. A person can carry only 2 at a time when refilling for families now, and as for myself when someone is pushing me I often require my hand for other things than trying to balance cups. With the handles I could balance 2 in one hand and still have one free. I don’t like this.

    1. EricJ

      Back when you could take the mugs home, most used them for travel coffee. You don’t drink THAT without a handle.
      I also traveled with a scooter on the last trip, and you need a handle to take something that big and unwieldy to your table. Also easier for drinking, even if you’re not a 4-6 yo. kid.

  9. Peggy Jeffries

    Personally I would prefer *with* handles. I might suggest they use both for a while and see how it goes. Or just forever give people the option when they check-in or purchase them. Much better than feedback.

  10. Kathy

    Keep the handles, i think it is better. I prefer to hold a handle then a wet drink because it will sweat in FL heat.

  11. Tracee

    Please keep the handles! Much easier to carry more than 1 @ a time!


    We buy these mugs each time we visit. We love collecting them and using them over and over. They are pricy so when a change is made, Disney needs to make something different about the cup a design to engage a disney fan to want it. Now If they are going to roll out handle less mugs, they should make it look more like a tumbler. Give people an option to whether they would like a mug with handle or a tumbler.

  13. Nicole Trent

    Why not offer both choice of mugs at the same great price of $17.00. This way people have a choice of what they want an everyone is happy because the cost is the same . With or without a handle.

  14. Sue

    I read somewhere that they are selling separate clip on handles

  15. Mary

    Need the handles, carrying food and drinks is impossible without the handle, I’m the one who carry a everthing from the food court. Need the handles!!

  16. PSUAth

    Why not have the best of both worlds? remove the bottom half of the handle? that way, you can still hold multiple in one hand, and still have the open portion to get into a cup holder?

    1. Karen Street

      This is a brilliant idea! Why hasn’t anyone else thought of this?

  17. Sally Alshammari

    I think with handles will be better and easier to carry multiple cups especially when you have 3 kids like please keep the handles

  18. Greg

    It would be my recommendation that WDW offer both versions (with and without handles) so that most anyone could be well accommodated. Thanks!

  19. Lisa

    Anyone not need extra carrying capacity???? Keep the handle!

  20. Rachel

    I’d like to see the choice of both if not for just a while like how there were the shorter fatter ones available as a choice about 10-11 years ago. I like the handles

  21. Barb

    I am very unhappy about this as I have sevwre arthritis and sure othwr people do. It is goimg to be very hard for us to grasp the cup,especially since i have trouble holding on to things. I hope and pray i do not keep dropping my cup and maybe getting burnt woth hot coffee. Please keep handles on at least theough end of this year!! Maybe give a choice at registers!

  22. Luis

    Horrible, poco práctico, incómodo…
    No los llevamos en el auto ni en carriolas para niños. El mango es útil para llevar varios jarros a la habitación o trasportar los de nuestros hijos . ¿Consideraron las pequeñas manitos de los niños?
    Ideal sería que haya en los hoteles los dos modelos, con y sin mango, para elegir según la conveniencia familiar!

  23. Christine

    I also need the handles for both carrying multiples back to room and also for arthritic hands. I feel the handle is necessary.

  24. Between arthritic hands and having to carry multiple mugs to room, I need the handles!

  25. Dalexsy

    It would be nice to do 50/50 so that people who need cups with handles can have them and for those who don’t want them can have the handless mugs too ! 🙂

  26. Dalexsy

    Now…what I do suggest is MAKING THEM BIGGER!
    That would mean less trips to go and refill .

  27. Spoerlx3

    I prefer the handles so I can carry multiple mugs to the food court to fill while everyone else is getting ready for the park. I would not buy the mug without the handle.

  28. Jeff

    Who would buy into something like unlimited soda? No wonder there are so many fat people at Disney World.

    1. EricJ

      They have diet soda too.
      And “unlimited” doesn’t mean you sit and drink till you burst, it means that for your entire six/seven day visit, you can get said refreshment any time you come back to the resort (sweating) from the parks, WITHOUT paying $2.50 for each and every bottle.
      Try it sometime.

    2. Lis L

      Maybe you just can’t afford one! A-holes like u should just stay home then. God don’t like ugly. And NO I’m not fat, just incase you’re thinking of responding with something pathetic like that..

  29. Sandi

    Handles please!! Won’t be buying anymore with the handles.

  30. Sally Orsi

    I like the cups with the handle, so when I go to the parks, I can lace the handle of the cup to my backpack!

  31. Karen Street

    I only buy tumblers for my coffee. I would never buy one with a handle. I have 4 of the refillable mugs from our last trip to WDW and I hate how much room they take up in my cupboard at home, but I can see why people like the mugs with handles better while touring around Disney World.

    I think the option of purchasing a mug with or without a the handle would be best or, as someone posted earlier, the next redesign should have a handle that is only attached at the top, making them easier to stack and fit into cupholders.

  32. Melissa Vega

    Who cares if it has handles or not? Buy the stinking mug and transfer the drink into whatever you want. The purchase is really for the drink, not the cup.

  33. Glen

    When we were there in August managed to get the last of the mugs with handles, people kept asking where we got them from as they wanted them too. One parent often fetched drinks while other stayed behind in room with kids, not easy to carry hot coffee and cold drinks for family of 4 in mugs without handles.

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