Haunted Mansion inspired “A Hitchhiker’s Tale” comes to YouTube this November

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You know them well if you ever visited the Haunted Mansion at Walt Disney World, Disneyland and Tokyo Disneyland.  Ezra (Skeleton), Gus (Prisoner) and Phineas (Traveler) – the infamous hitchhiking ghosts who figure prominently in Mansion lore and have even appeared in Mickey’s House of Villains and the Haunted Mansion movie.

Now they have their own feature fan-made film.  A Hitchhiker’s Tale tells the trio’s story as they try to escape an evil carnival.  Chased by “The Carnie”, a villain hand-picked by the Devil himself, the three flee while trying to the gypsy who can restore their previously bargained away souls.  Written and directed by Mason Betterly, the turn of the century adventure stars Scott Lee, Caleb Lenehan, Elijah Boggress and Alexander McPherson.


In a tall tale like none you’ve ever heard, Phineas, Ezra, and Gus set out on a journey to retrieve their souls after years of service to an evil carnival. A Hitchhiker’s Tale Facebook Page

The film debuts on YouTube on November 11th.  Composer Luke Mazurek’s soundtrack will be released on YouTube just in time for the Horror Days on October 18th.

For those foolish mortals who cannot wait until November 11th, there are a limited number of DVDs of the production available:

If you would like to show your support and and just can’t wait though, we’re happy to announce you can get an exclusive DVD right now for only $15 (+free shipping)! Just shoot us a message and we’ll get you started! Supplies are limited so order yours today!) –A Hitchhiker’s Tale Facebook page.


Side Note: if the artwork in this movie poster looks familiar – the art is by Emma Mosier (the same talent behind the images for the Swinging Wake collection of Haunted Mansion inspired tea)

Images/Source – Facebook page for A Hitchhiker’s Tale

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