SDCC 2016: Marvel’s ‘The Defenders’ uniting on Netflix in 2017

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The hits just keep coming from San Diego Comic-Con 2016.  Netflix has already thrown some hefty punches, courtesy of Marvel by announcing the renewals of Daredevil and giving us a gritty look at the virtually indestructible Luke Cage and a teaser into the origin of martial arts hero Iron Fist. (We’re still waiting to hear news for another season of Jessica Jones). What could possibly top that?

Defenders 1
Now imagine all of these anti-heroes converging in one series.  Thanks to Netflix, that imagining has already been done and will converge on the subscription service in 2017.  Throw in some intrigue and add a bit of Nirvana and we have our first teaser…

Fans at SDCC 2016 were treated to this very teaser for the new Marvel series on Thursday:

Though spliced together with scenes from existing footage from each of their own super series, The Marvel Sizzle Reel from SDCC 2016 may just be the closest look we’ll get of the band of Defenders for now.  If the new show is anything like action and faithfulness to the comic content that has been running strong with the other Marvel franchises running on Netflix, fans are in for an exciting ride next year.

Aside from a few hints written on or ripped from shreds of paper, we have no idea what the series will truly look like.  Marvel teases that the four heroes team up to fight their biggest threat yet.  Who or what could that be?  If you have a theory; put it out there in the comments below.

in Entertainment, Marvel, Movies & TV

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