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  1. Grammar Police

    “It was a pretty slow day in the park, this summer season in general has been lower crowds.”

    Or maybe people realized that there is SO much construction going on that there is little left to do. Maybe Disney would remedy this by adding some entertainment, but I doubt it.

    1. Frostysnowman

      Don’t forget to the gator attack and the massacre in Orlando. Those might also be impacting travel to Central Florida. And the cost of a Disney trip might finally be starting to keep people away, especially with all of the closures and construction you mentioned.

      1. EricJ

        Not really, -they’ve- pretty much forgotten it–
        New signs are up (at MK, it’s not a problem at the Studios), the jokes are back on the Cruise and Louis is back at the Castle. Now all we need is Tick-Tock back in the parade.
        It’s pretty much that fans have been hearing NOTHING BUT construction at the Studios, and apart from those who already know enough to wait, some may not even be aware it’s open at all.

  2. Ryan Serowinski

    Can I Say this right now? Why couldn’t they built the Red Carpet Dreams M&G in Sunset Blvd? Why couldn’t they have a new location for Sulley and Mike of Monsters Inc. and Mr & Mrs Incredible of The Incredibles instead of having fewer uncommon and more common characters is the reason why i’ll have fewer autographs for my next WDW vacation. It’s just my opinion

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