Comments for Netflix explains why they decided against saving the ‘Agent Carter’ TV show


  1. Ana

    Well, that’s a shame. It was better than all of their original shows put together.


    I think that marvel studios had already enough stuff…including “Agent Carter” and the character needed more co–starrings support. And it’s true what they say about picking more shows and so forth…time is money, when it comes to making or keeping a show on the AIR. I don’t say MARVEL or whoever, are totally right but, trust me my mayors in college were drama and T.V production and this is not about ratings…is about money.

  3. JimJ

    I watched a few episodes of Agent Carter and it didn’t work for me. I gave up quite quickly. Her abilities are just ridiculous and she isn’t a superhero. I felt the same about Jessica Jones whose storylines are just gross with drug abuse and weird sex. On the other hand, I watched all the episodes of Daredevil, but still darker than the usual Marvel characters. Can they lighten things up? Even Agents of Shield is over dramatic and dark.

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