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  1. Melissa Pici

    This still leaves the field WIDE open for costumes I feel. One year I went as Vanellope Von Schweetz and another year I went as Abby Sciutto. Both costumes would meet all of these guidelines. I think you might have to dial back a full on cosplay of certain characters but these same fair.

  2. Adrie

    I don’t understand why people go to the DISNEY Halloween party but not wear Disney-related costumes. It’s MICKEY’s Not So Scary Halloween Party… Isn’t that a clue????

    1. Horti

      At Disneyland it’s not called Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. It has a bit of a darker theme to it. A large part of Frontier Land has a huge Dia de Los Mertos theme. The rules are pretty much the same as they have always been. Only the floor length rule is 100% new.

    2. Diana S.

      So true, Mickey is so sad right now that there has to be so many rules but we can blame all the bad people for that. Rules there to protect everyone attending, from all kinds of evil.

  3. Does this mean they ‘finally’ announced dates for this year’s party nights? My wife and I already booked our anniversary trip for October but I want to make sure to plan a night at the party (if we can)

    1. Sorry…I missed the final paragraph saying the dates aren’t there yet. Still waiting. I “assume” one of the nights we are there will have a party. (We’re there Wed-Fri and leave Sat morning) Fingers still crossed

  4. B

    They should really just get rid of this event all together! It’s getting too expensive and too exclusive, and too many people will try to push the limits of the rules for this type of event then get pissed off when Disney enforces the rules.

    1. Sara

      Then don’t go. This will be my first, and probably only, time I get to experience it and I am looking forward to it.

  5. Madame M

    I hope Disney enforces the rules more. I LOVE going to MNSSHP! But it does get annoying when you see other costumes that dont adhere to the rules. Im following the rules, why aren’t you? I see a lot of costumes that drag on the ground, or that are obstructive, or guys wearing trench coats with spikes on it. One year, I wore a purple belly dancing bra with the green mermaid leggings, and I was refused entry unless I changed. My girls were contained with minimal cleavage, and my belly button was covered. But in the years since 2010, I’ve seen MANY other females wearing the same thing with more skin showing than I had, but they weren’t refused into the party. And I don’t think that’s right. If I wasn’t considered family friendly, then why are they?

  6. Madame M

    Its the only time adults are allowed to dress up as Disney characters. E.G. If you go on a Wednesday in April, you will be turned away.

  7. Tampa Mom

    My family has set costumes we use for the party. We all go as Haunted Mansion characters. My husband goes as one of the duelists from the paintings in the ballroom, one daughter goes as the killer bride, and my other daughter and I go as the opera singers from the graveyard (she loves wearing the big fake mustache). Other than shortening the bridal gown and my opera dress to make sure they are meet regs, I don’t see a problem.

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