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  1. Kim

    Does this mean you’ll get all the photos to keep from the week of your vacation? Or just have access to view them online for one week?

  2. I like how the traditional PhotoPass worked, mostly since I’m going to buy the photos anyways, just down the line a bit to save money. The way I see it, for me the only difference “pay now” with the new service or “pay later” with the old service.

    I like the “30 days to claim” and then another “30 days to purchase” of the older system as well.

    We’re going next week. If someone contacts me to remind me, I will report back. With our brand new annual passes, we’ll be having loads of fun!

  3. Pamela Anderson

    I clicked on the link but didn’t see where the PhotoPass + one week was available to purchase. The page in the ilnk only included the + one day option. Am I missing something??

  4. Disneyland Resort Gallery Disc, featuring more than 350 high-resolution professional photos from around Disneyland Resort

  5. Susan Shingler

    Hi. I’ve bought the Disney PhotoPas+ One Week. Now what? I’ve searched all over and nothing is clear as to the steps after purchasing this.

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