Comments for “Halloween” officially announced for Halloween Horror Nights 2016 at Universal Orlando!


  1. Chris

    They already did this house. I think they like to save money and repeat ideas now to bring people in who missed it or to save costs as well. Repeats, repeats, repeats. It was nice when the houses were all new each year.

    1. Garaan

      Well, technically it’s not a redux since this is Halloween II and will need new sets if they’re going to reproduce the movie. Also… I’m not sure, but I don’t think Hollywood did Halloween last year, just Orlando, so it’d be new for them. I figured we’d see it again in some capacity though, since they bought like 100 custom made Myers masks and no one’s gonna use something like that once and then pitch it.

  2. Eric you

    we have exorcist, walking dead, Texas chainsaw massacre, and the return of Micheal Myers from Halloween come to this year’s event. i think next ones should be purge,conjuring, dark christmas , american horror story, Ash versus evil dead, then original houses are chance’s house, hp Lovecraft based house, Penn and teller new house, ghost town or western house, and something like a urban legend or fairy tale with a sinister twist house set in ancient Egypt. the scare zones should be chance’s scare zone, pestilence based original scare zone, dungeon based scare zone, death alley, vampire attack scare zone or roaming horde, canyon of the cursed or forbidden forest like last year’s evil roots now home to the bogeyman and his victims, and a alien invasion scare zone or roaming horde with original malevolent aliens attacking a city in the future.

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