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  1. Maria

    It’s a tragic loss that I’m sure has marked many people

    P.S. You have a typo “yesterdat regarding the tragic accident”

  2. Sue

    I like so many people around The world would like to send my condolences to the family who lost their precious little boy, My heart goes out to them and their family sending lots of prayers and many hugs, I am so sorry

  3. I want to say to the parents of this horrible accident that I’m sorry for you loss and you are in my prayers for days and years to come. I also like to say to Disney that I’m sorry for what has happened on your property and that things need to be change here on out. That being said I love Disney and always will come back for years to come. Again to the family thoughts and prayers from the cooper family …..maumee, Ohio

  4. Jennifer

    It was tragic however I am dissapointed to hear a news source I have trusted for many years frame this as an “attack” as the others have. This was not an attack- the alligator was doing what gators do- and the child was splashing in the water like prey. Perpetuating a fearful tone does not help educate guests to central Florida about how to coexist with the wild animals that call the area their home.

  5. Ken

    Well it took long enough to hear from a Disney CEO. Getting all their legal defence in place first I guess. More concerned about shareholders. I say hold,Disney responsible to the tune of millions in liability.

    1. Brittany

      Seriously? Hold Disney responsible for what? For parents letting their child play in a body of water that says “no swimming” Disney is in no way,?shape , or form responsible. This was a freak and tragic accident.

      1. MTV

        Agreed. We need to stop blaming the gators and use this as a teaching moment for parents.

      2. Stephanie

        Disney is responsible on all levels I do not care about little boy in shadow water with his feet had the proper signs been osted little Lane would still be here and his parents would not be facing the most difficult time of their life so please stop acting silly.

        Please did not stand in the water they are snakes and gators lurking

      3. Ashley

        They built that lagoon! That allowed it to be accessible from natural bodies of Easter surrounding it! Disney puts barriers and signs around everything they do, so people don’t wander where they shouldn’t! But not their gator pond?!? They’d pulled alligators out of that water before! Then they invited that family to the beach feeding tube without telling them they had a gator problem! IT’S DISNEY’S FAULT! THAT LITTLE BOY DIES, while they’re protecting their bottom line; and you say it’s not their fault?!?! WOW!

  6. Robert Nelson

    My entire family sends thoughts and prayers to the grace family. We stood in that same area in2011 and watched the fireworks.My granddaughter was five and stood with my oldest up to her knees,and my son,stood between her and the deeper water. God was with us. Again our deepest sympathy,and God help you get through , The Nelsons??

    1. Tick Toc Crock

      Too bad I guess God wasn’t with them like he was with you, busy with something else maybe. I guess the No Swimming signs seemed like just a suggestion to your family as well? And if God was there what’s to worry… smh

      1. Spambo

        Do you know the difference between swimming and paddling? Was anybody swimming???

        1. Chris

          It’s tragic. But that lagoon is full with all types of things that gators will hide. If they were just standing in a foot deep area, they can sneak up on them. Dawn and dusk is their feeding time and add mating season is never a good combination.

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