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kilimanjaro safaris

Credit: Disney


  1. Crista

    Why is it that the parks keep adding these night time ticketed attractions? I am sure that Walt wouldn’t be 100% on board with this. I thought that I had read somewhere that they were going to stay open later and have the light show along with night kilimanjaro safari ride and this was going to be open to all. Not at an event ticket price. Disney is supposed to be a place for families to go on a budget or with endless funds. With all these extra costs now to be in the park and do things after a certain time is weeding out those that are on a budget. They should stick to extra night time excitement to those staying on property, that was a perk for paying to stay at WDW.

    1. Garaan

      They are keeping the park open later, and running the safari late with all the new lighting and stuff. That’s open admission, and doesn’t cost any extra.

      What -this- is, is a ‘premium experience’ that lets people enjoy the thing with an ostensibly smaller group, no waiting in line, a tour guide, and tapas someplace adjacent to the safari that isn’t open to gen-admit guests. You don’t NEED to pay for this to experience the safari after dark; they aren’t reneging on that. They’re just offering people who want the fancy version the option to pay extra for a fancy version. It’s the same as doing the VIP tours to be led around, told trivia, and get bypassed onto a few rides.

    2. Michael


      Lots of factors play in here, but Walt never ever mentioned that it was a place for families on a budget. And yes, the prices do weed out some. It all comes down to supply and demand. If this experience was free, it wouldn’t be able to keep up with demand and then people would be complaining about that.

    3. Mike

      Have you heard the phrase “e ticket ride” and know where it came from? Disneyland opened using tickets of differing denominations for the rides. Walt didn’t have a problem with it then….


  2. Mivian Schiavone

    Disney is to make money…at whatever cost..they are the worst employer..forget the magic if entertaining families with a low budget…that’s utopia land.

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