VIDEO/PHOTOS: Disneyland’s original Skyway chalet in Fantasyland has been removed as part of Star Wars construction

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Disneyland’s fabled Skyway attraction opened in June of 1956, just a short year after the park first welcomed guests. It underwent several changes over the years (the biggest being the construction of the park’s giant Matterhorn Mountain, which the ride would begin traveling through in 1959) until it stopped operation in November of 1994.

The terminal on the Skyway’s Tomorrowland side was removed soon after that, but the Fantasyland terminal (the one that resembled a quaint Swiss chalet) sat abandoned next to the Casey Jr. Circus Train, until it was demolished last week after sixty full years in the park, as part of of Disneyland’s current Star Wars expansion/construction.


For longtime fans of Disneyland, the Fantasyland Skyway chalet offered an opportunity to peek through the trees at a part of the park’s history. Now that memento of the past is gone, but we must remind ourselves that, as Walt famously said, “Disneyland will never be completed.” And we can only imagine what wonders lie in store as the original Magic Kingdom in Anaheim continues its ongoing growth and evolution.

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  1. Jared

    That is really sad to me. I understand the park will always be changing and is never truly completed…but that was part of the original (within a year) Disneyland park. I always liked to look at it when I walked by. I do hope the new Star Wars Land replaces it well!

  2. Garaan

    I’m sad to see it go, but by the same token it’d been really clear for decades that Disney wasn’t ever going to repurpose it (probably because it’d be prohibitive to make it ADA compliant on top of that hill). It’s been mouldering for ages, I imagine they figured it was as good a time as it was going to get to remove it completely. Mind you I wouldn’t be surprised to see, like, a tiny version of it spring up somewhere, like in the treeline of the canal boats or somewhere in Fantasyland.

  3. Beca

    Do you know if it was demolished during park hours. My family spent most of Tues/wed in that area and I’m concerned about asbestos and other dust from demolition.

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