VIDEO: This daddy-daughter “Tangled” duet is pure Disney magic

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Are you ready for your something incredible?

This past Mother’s Day, I wrote about how different and special “Disney families” are as compared to others. With the release of this video, this very special moment between a father and daughter, it’s absolutely clear the impact that a little Disney magic can have on the relationship between a parent and child.

Enter three-year-old Claire Ryann and her father. They decided that their love of the Disney animated movie Tangled was worthy of one of the sweetest videos to ever grace the Internet. The soaring production values, a sky full of lanterns, and the cooing voice of the little tyke all equal up to a bombardment of feels as they perform the song “See The Light” as originally sung by characters Rapunzel and Flynn Rider.

Check it out below:

Incredible, right? Do you have this kind of special relationship with your children? Tell me some of your favorite child-parent Disney stories in the comments below!

For all things Disney magic, stick with Inside the Magic. #ParentingGoals


  1. Zoe

    Totally stunning amazing voice you definitely are an angel

    1. Adam McCabe

      Thanks! I’ve been practicing!

      …oh wait, you meant the little girl. Got it. I’ll see myself out.

      1. zoe

        Both of you so lovely

      2. zoe

        Both of you so lovely very talented i love singing too

  2. zoe

    Very talented

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