VIDEO: Preview one of seven “Zootopia” deleted scenes from the upcoming home video release

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“Zootopia” is one of 2016’s biggest surprise hits, both critically and financially, and next week the movie finally hits the home video market with a Disney DVD, Blu-ray, and Digital HD release.

Among the bountiful bonus features accompanying the feature on the release is a series of seven deleted scenes, removed from the movie at varying stages of its development, and each for its own unique reason. Entertainment Weekly got an exclusive look at one of the scenes, which centers around bunny police officer Judy Hopps bringing con artist fox Nick Wilde home to stay with her family during their investigation.


Naturally, due to it having been scrapped early in the animation process, the voice-over performances in the clip are temp audio tracks recorded by members of the production team. But the scene gives us a taste of an alternate version of the “Zootopia” story, which underwent a dramatic transfiguration during its long gestation.

“Zootopia” will be available on home video from Disney next Tuesday, June 7th.


  1. tim

    The deleted Zootopia scenes seem’s like they would have been enjoyed by some people, however, the directors did not like them.

    1. EricJ

      Probably because Judy’s parents living in an apartment means not living on a farm, which becomes one of the central plot points.
      It’s one of the good things about Pixar and WDFA’s stories being written in committee than they can take a hundred different directions before finding their one goal the audience can agree upon, and Monsters Inc., Ralph and Up went in crazy directions before they found their compass, too.

  2. Mario B.

    Woah! That certainly changed my perspective of the movie. Imagine how the story would have gone if this scene were included! It just goes to show that the animators had to redo the story multiple times to perfect it to what it is now.

  3. For the very first time, I had watched a film in theater twice. It’s really funny with brilliantly script, also a surprised twist. Kids, teenagers and even adults would definitely love this film, because this contains some “only-adult” moments. A big step for Disney and i’m sure it has entered the Oscar race next year.

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