Comments for VIDEO: New Anna and Elsa “Frozen” meet and greet in the Royal Sommerhus opens at Epcot


  1. MaggieS

    You know, since this is their summer home, Anna and Elsa should have worn their Frozen Fever dresses. That would’ve been so nice. 🙂

  2. Thrillme

    This is wonderful. Great design in and out. The girls fantastic. A+. This is Disney done right.

  3. Girly

    Cute… Except that Disney fired all the student interns from Norway to make way for this attraction. The Epcot countries were never supposed to be about the movies. No other county turned their area in a movie promotion.

    1. EricJ

      Norway didn’t re-sponsor their pavilion, that’s how Disney could get away with it.
      (That’s probably why they didn’t need the international interns either.)

    2. Nick

      The meet and greet was built in a previously unused area. Thus it did not take away any jobs. In fact, the people working the front of the meet ad greet and the adjacent store on Friday were all Norweigian interns.

    3. Marceline

      You are actually quite inaccurate, Girly. Not a single Norwegian cultural representative position was displaced, and in fact quite a few new authentic positions were added for this expansion. Please know your facts before you post, and don’t assume what you don’t know…

  4. Debbie - UK

    Are fast passes going to be available for this? if so does anybody know when they will appear on MDE

  5. LSouth

    We were lucky enough to walk by on Friday and see that it was open. We only waited 20 minutes and it is so cute inside. Many friendly workers from Norway were present. This made my daughter’s trip as she thought she would only see Elsa and Anna in Parades and on stage.

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