Comments for VIDEO: Disney-Pixar’s “Finding Nemo” receives the Honest Trailer treatment


  1. EricJ

    Ever since Inside Out, they’ve been doing more fan-requested HT’s to -good- Pixar movies, and then joking about how there’s nothing particularly bad about it to joke about.

    OTOH, I remember the first thing I said coming out of Tomorrowland last year was “Hand me a cellphone, I WANT to see whether they Honest-Trailered the living (heck) out of this!”
    Where is the justice? 🙁

  2. “With the sequel “Finding Dory” just being around the corner it probably doesn’t come as a big surprise that this movie was on their mind”
    I don’t agree. Read https://pixarplanet.com/blog/four-2016-2018-pixar-films-get-release-dates/ – Kasha

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