Comments for PHOTOS: Man spends days creating a Zootopia statue…only to have it knocked over by a child


  1. I’m sorry, but i had to laugh a bit at this. I know it sucks, but the pictures did me in.

  2. Erin

    I bet if this kid had been by a gorilla enclosure…..

    1. Tee

      Best comment Hehe

  3. Yeah, screw that preschool kid for being attracted to LEGOs!

    1. Kitty

      …and these are the parents that blame the gorilla.

      1. Unsupervised Child

        Very true

    2. Sam

      Still pretty ridiculous that he ran in and destroyed that. It’s ridiculous the kid did it, and that he wasn’t stopped before knocking it over.

    3. Bella

      Yeah! Kids should be allowed to destroy EVERYTHING!

  4. Bmariec

    Apparently nobody watches their kids anymore so you have to make everything idiot proof I would’ve glued it make sure it didn’t fall apart because we all know some parents of today don’t watch their kids ,nor do they teach them right from wrong or spank them when they’ve done something wrong

    1. Angela

      didn’t you know you aren’t supposed to spank them (although I do) heaven forbid if you spank them you’ll do permanent damage to their little brains. (insert sarcasm) If my kid did that I would not only spank them but make them SIT with the guy who put it painstakenly put it together and help him rebuild it by handing him every piece, piece by piece

  5. Unsupervised Child

    Too many children are being unsupervised at public places and there are always consequences. No doubt the mother felt it was not her child’s fault just like at the Cincinnati Zoo. SMH

  6. Mario B.

    WHY!!! IT WAS SO GOOD!!! Don’t some parents have even a little bit of common sense??? COME ON NOW!!!

  7. Mario B.

    Please rebuild it!!!

  8. Pat M.

    How dare anyone think the child or rather the child’s parent were at fault?!?!?!

    Does any one how hard it is to keep an eye on a toddler??!! It was legos after all!!!

    And people that above is sarcasm, or rather the sad state of affairs now. I keep saying if you can’t control them, don’t breed ’em.

    oh no wait it was the gorilla’s fault! He pushed the kid under the ropes!

    1. A1anne

      Whose fault is it if it’s not the child or the parents fault ? Lego’s fault ? Even if it was curiousity from that kid, there is a big difference between trespassing the ropes to see/touch a bit the lego’s art and completly destroy it.

      Pretty sure it’s not an accident here. Because the artwork wouldn’t have been destroy up to his feet. Even if it was pushed, the remaining Lego in place would have been higher.

      1. Helloimsierra

        You obviously didn’t read the part where they said they were being sarcastic.

        1. Kitty

          The problem is that the sarcasm was so in line with what real “parents” say that it felt like she was defending the parents.

        2. rinkimirikakuta

          give a reference to where “they said” they were being “sarcastic”

          1. BasilFawlty

            *squints at Rinki* Can’t tell if serious or not.

        3. A1anne

          Yeah sorry English isn’t my born language so I misread this. I thought he/she said that the comment above his/her’s were sarcasm.

  9. Mario B.

    And that is why Lego artists who build lifelike structures use glue to permanently keep them together, like the ones at the Lego store in Disney springs.

  10. Lena

    Where’s the Cragle?

  11. Justine

    Lol @ her shirt: “Only the best for kids”

  12. Gluing the statue was a good idea.
    Gluing little terrors to their mom’s hand — priceless.

  13. Adam

    I always thought these things were glued together and almost solid Lego! Turns out I wasn’t the only one that learned something today …

  14. Monique Spijkstra

    The child should be punished by letting it make something it has to work on for a long time. When it is done it will be destroyed.

  15. Victoria

    Take them to court and let judge deal with !

  16. Donna

    Ahhhh…… Entitled Millenials raising the next generation of poorly mannered, entitled people. What will society be like 30yrs from now? ((Shutter))

  17. Florida Walt

    Almost glad I won’t be around when these little monsters grow up (well, older).

  18. Reagan Greer

    Adam I think you should know that thenkid tripped into him but I still think time wasted on it but the kid didn’t do it intentionally and the parents offered to pay him for it

  19. wendy

    Should have used super glue

  20. william nichols

    Act like a decent human & use super glue!

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