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  1. Ryan

    Don’t you guys write about Disney Parks around the world all of the time? Surely you know that Walt Disney World is three separate words, and not ‘Disneyworld’ as you repeat in this article.

    1. Mickey

      Unless you come from abroad or live on different planet. Disneyworld / Disney/ Disney World is approriate name especially for most Floridian with season pass. I never said we were going to Walt Disney World…. We always said we’re going to Disneyworld for Orlando and Disneyland for Annaheim.

      1. Jim

        Anaheim..not Annaheim

  2. Mike S.

    “In the ride, you were taken through the history of Norway, from when the vikings settled all the way to modern day Norway with an oil rig.”

    Ummm… no, not really. You weren’t taken ‘through’ the history, you were taken to specific parts of the history, and really, an actual talking Odin and Trolls aren’t historical. Then you get the skinny polar bears and then the oil rig.

    That is not history. That is not educational. That’s a hot mess of less than a handful of cultural vignettes.

  3. Jesse J.

    Sheesh people can be harsh. I for one enjoyed the article very much 🙂 I’m a westcoaster and I have never been to Disneyworld so I never got the chance to ride this one. Thank you for the insights and your thoughts! Reading this makes me sad it’s gone. Great article.

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