Comments for Disney Cruise Line gives Disney Wonder a massive makeover with all-new experiences


  1. Crystal

    I am SO excited about this! Galveston is the closest port for us to drive to, and we were a little bummed about the dated features on this ship, so this changes absolutely everything. Is Tiana’s Place replacing Carioca’s? We also have a Marvel fanatic that will have just turned 13 – will he be able to participate in the Academy? (It says 3-12 for the Oceaneer’s Club.)

    1. Prince Eric

      During open hours, he will be able to participate. However, usually they are very strict about ages for the kid’s clubs. Some have been able to get by in the past, but officially, it is for 3-12 years old. They do have a tween only smaller club and a teen only place as well.

  2. Nate

    Damn! I am so ecstatic that they’re introducing “Tiana’s Place”. That would definitely be something that would get me back on the Wonder! I hope the food matches what a wonderful Princess she is, she’s known for countless things like her cooking, so it better be good!

    1. EricJ

      They NEED to reopen Bonfamilie’s at French Quarter as “Tiana’s Place”, if even just for evenings.

      (And I’m starting to have my eye on a first Disney Cruise myself, but probably won’t be on the Wonder or from Galveston–
      How do you even get there, seeing as most flights only go to Houston?)

      1. Prince Eric

        Houston has two international airports and is the closest large city to Galveston; with traffic, give yourself 45 min to Hobby and 1 1/2 hours to Intercontinental.

  3. janederella

    hey, do you know which restaurant is gonna be replaced by Tiana’s Place? I hope it’s not Triton’s!
    Maybe Parrot Cay?

    I’m planning on cruising with Disney Wonder in May 2017 for the Alaskan cruise. so excited!

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