Comments for DC’s “Suicide Squad” earns itself a rather curious PG-13 rating


  1. EricJ

    Yes, Adam, we read your column about “We’re not just DISNEY any more!”
    (Which raises the obvious question: So what is the “Magic” we’re “Inside”?–“The magic of entertainment”? Uh-uh.)

    So, with Ricky gone, are -you- technically in charge now, or is there someone who can kick you out?

    1. Lexie

      You say the same nasty stuff on all of Adam’s posts. When, in actuality, it is probably you who should be thrown out. I still remember when you posted homophobic comments years ago when Disney made a video for the It Gets Better campaign.

      If you really hate it here so much, leave, but this sense of entitlement is unnecessary. You do not, that I know of, work for the site. Adam does.

      1. EricJ

        Well, that’s the problem we’re trying to fix, isn’t it?

      2. EricJ

        “If you hate Adam’s posts, it’s clearly homophobic!” Oh, nice -try-.

        Look around you, Adam. LOOK AROUND YOU. No one else is doing it.
        Surya is still doing articles about the Disney Cruise Line and DCA. Corinne is still keeping us up with the park developments. Mike’s taking us behind the scenes at the Frozen show. And who’s the little fanboy freak geeking out over video games, Walking Dead and throwing adolescent tantrums that the latest Batman movie isn’t cool enough?
        It’s not “the site” changing, as you so happily grabbed center stage to tell us yourself, now that you felt in charge–Everything that’s sending this site down the tubes since Ricky left, it’s ALL ON YOU. It would be nice if we had other people to blame, but it’s to everyone else’s credit that we don’t.

        If you’re that attention struck that you want your own private entertainment blog to repost every other geek-news site’s scoop of the day, go get one. They’re actually pretty cheap from most blog providers now. And if you have some Disney/Universal news, who knows, you can even still post it here part-time.
        But the fact that you or your supporters have to pull out “If you hate the site’s changes, you hate ME!” explains a -lot- about the self-directed changes this site’s going through.
        Yes, Disney fans may feel a little “united”, that’s one thing we’re rather proud of. But it’s one thing we’ll fight before we lose.

  2. Greg

    I’m glad it’s PG-13. I hope that means I can take my kids to see it. But, some PG-13 movies are actually out for us as well. Thrown in nudity. We’re out. Throw in the F word. We’re out. And depending on the amount of sexual dialogue, we could be out. The trailer for this one definitely seems heavy on the latter, so we are probably out on this one anyway. As bad as a PG-13 movie can be in these area’s, if it actually garners an R rating these days, you know it is crazy bad content-wise.
    The thing is, you can imply an awful lot without having to use the heavy curse words, nudity, or heads being ripped off graphically. The characters can be just as evil and “stretched” without all of that content. I thought Heath Ledger’s Joker was perfectly played and stretched to the limit, in spite of the PG-13 rating in that movie.
    My question to you, Adam, would be, what exactly do you need to see from these characters, that would give the movie an R rating, that you think would be missing in a PG-13 film?

    1. EricJ

      Like the old joke, “Only 14-yo.’s hate PG-13 movies.”

  3. Pam

    I really miss Ricky writing the articles for Inside the Magic.

    1. Greg

      Agreed. I never would have imagined Ricky, or this site, built on family entertainment, hoping that a movie would be rated R. How far this site has fallen from what it once was.

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