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  1. Xander

    I actually wanna drive from Kristiansand to Ålesund to meet Kristoff! Is it JUST for people on the cruise? He’s not even in the parks!! Also haha it’s called svele with one L 😀

    1. Mat Leblanc

      Just for the port adventure and yes just for Disney Cruise goers since they book the museum throughout the day , you can’t meet Kristoff on the ship sadly. But the price tag for the excursion is 400$. You can meet Anna, Elsa and Olaf on the ship for free.

  2. Please read carefully before you judge me, as I feel that this is really important to Frozen fans from all walks of life.
    As some of you know already, a sequel to the mega hit film “Frozen” is in the works. The first film involved the main character Queen Elsa of Arendelle whom struggled with controlling and hiding her powers from the people of her kingdom. Elsa’s story had resonated with many viewers whom struggled with issues, such as mental illness, special needs, being gay and/or lesbian, holding beliefs and ideals, that most of society today have little knowledge or tolerance of, which is one of the reasons the film and franchise has become one of the most popular in our recent history. I strongly relate with the film’s main character because I struggled with Autism and a permanently altered voice since I was a child, but I was able to “Let it go” and was able to not just survive in this world, but thrive beyond all expectations.
    I am a college graduate, am currently employed, and have plans for my future. I see the film’s premise as a message for helping people whom are unfairly labeled with all types of stigmas, regardless of what they may be. However, there is a great deal of people that feel that Elsa’s powers and dilemma was a thinly veiled message for promoting homosexuality, and are currently pressuring Disney and the writers and producers of Frozen 2 to have Elsa directly come out as a lesbian. Others have recently pushed back wanting Elsa to be paired up with a Prince Charming. But to me either way would greatly hurt the magical feel of the franchise that began with the first film that resonated with so many people from so many backgrounds, such as me with my autism. Elsa became a strong, independent young woman after conquering and overcoming her fear by discovering that love was the answer to bringing her powers under her complete control, which inspired so many people in the real world whom suffered with different stigmas to overcome their fears and show the world whom they are. So many fans of the film, such as myself, strongly feel that if those responsible for making and writing the sequel cave in to the demand of either the LGBTQ lobbyists or those whom want Elsa to be with a prince, then they will be ignoring and dissapointing the other groups of peoples that love the first film. So instead of being exclusive to one societal stigma while excluding all other groups, I feel that Elsa’s story should be kept as an inclusive metaphor that will resonate with all people whom are struggling with today’s societal stigmas.

    1. Melody

      100% agreed with you! Too many people would be disappointed if they go one way or the other, it’s better to leave her as she is. And anyways, I feel like making her lesbian in a sequel would be a lot less satisfying than making a future, brand new heroine a lesbian.

  3. Jennifer

    Doesn’t take place in Norway? Really? Just because it’s not stated outright in the film doesn’t mean it doesn’t take place there. Disney has always based these famous stories off where the original story takes place, at least somewhere close to where it very well could have been if not stated outright, or the origin country of the story. Tangled=Germany, LM=Denmark (Although, LM has some mixed influence admittedly)
    Plus Arendelle is based of a real village in the south called Arandal. AND the creatives have said, “Yes, Norway”. So you might as well say yes, it takes place there. And I will agree the influence of said source country is more prominent in Frozen than in most other films where it’s a bit more generically European.

  4. Idar Olsen

    400$ dont you feel a little bit pathetic when you take 400$ for this excursion? It is just sad when price is still a thing excluding children from dreams. I guess we as humans still have not learned anything worth while.

    I would bet 20$ would have made you gready people the same amount of money, but would not have excluded local children. Shame! this is not how I want to remember Disney.

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