VIDEOS: Go behind the scenes for "Frozen - Live at the Hyperion" at Disney California Adventure - Inside the Magic

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  1. I love princess Anna and Queen Elsa because They are sisters It that right I can get to talk to them and be with them for fever and I can bring my stories book with me and the movie of it to and Anna and Elsa and We can watch it To Together and We can have fun to like read a story about them and I can have them to come to my house to have a sleepover party. and I can sleep in the middle of them and they both can sleep in my arms I can sing them a lullaby of there favorite songs . like let it go and For the first time in for fever. and we can talk to I like to be with them like show me a around their kingdom of Arendellle They both like warm hugs to and Queen Elsa and I like do ice powers together and I have Ice powers to but I can’t controal it but Anna and Elsa can help me with my ice powers to controal it . and we can sing songs to . and I love them so much love Queen Elsa

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