Comments for VIDEO: Tron Lightcycle Power Run full ride POV arrives from Shanghai Disneyland


  1. ThisNicknameIsTaken

    I’m excited for this ride, but not as much as I’m excited Buzz Lightyear Planet Rescue. Unpopular opinions are destined to happen 😉

  2. Probo

    I loved the Tron movie from a few years ago. Amazing designs & costuming, cool usage of led, and a great themed universe.

    This…sadly (and I really mean it), is a pretty plain roller coaster. I bet it’s a little better when riding it at night. But it lacks theming and story big time.

    And I’m wondering if riding it in the cycle rider position is that comfortable?

    1. EricJ

      Yeah, I’m trying to figure how they get into that position:
      Seems to be a standard coaster chair/belt tilted forward just before the launch–so there’s no danger of any idiot raising “look, no hands”–and doesn’t seem to be as reliant to “holding on” as riders would be on a real cycle.

      1. Michael

        It is customed themed and customized layout of of the Vekoma Motobikes. Here is a link to two other ones.


  3. Greg

    I think it looks pretty cool. It is kinda short, and it seems like it slows down quite a bit at some points, but overall, I think the look and feel is definitely right out of the movie. And a great fit for Tomorrowland. Too bad it’s half a planet away from the US. Also, it’s very difficult to tell, due to the design of the inside portion, what the thrill factor. Hopefully it is quite high, though I would imagine there are no complete inversions due to the ride vehicle design, and that seems true in the video.

  4. Christopher

    How cool is that?!? Part Aerosmith, part Test Track and part unique Tron ride. Are there even any tumors about bringing this to the U.S.?!? I want to ride it but can’t see myself getting to Shanghai anytime soon. :/

    1. Michael

      Aerosmith? Do you mean The Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster at Disney’s Hollywood Studios? Funny you should say that the Vekoma, the manufacturer that designed Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster and Expedition Everest also designed this coaster also. There is a similar, but far cheaper, shorter coaster and from a different ride manufacturer at Knott’s Berry Farm. It is called Pony Express.

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