VIDEO: Second trailer for “Ghostbusters” reboot reveals more jokes, more action, and more Slimer

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Image Copyright Sony / Columbia Pictures.

As recently as yesterday, the controversy surrounding the new “Ghosbusters” reboot film directed by Paul Feig has been a hotly-debated topic. The first trailer stirred up an unprecedented amount of negative reactions, even inspiring some long-time “Ghostbusters” superfans to declare a self-imposed boycott.

Now Sony has released a second trailer that ups the ante in terms of the amount of action and jokes, and hopefully gives audiences a better taste of what to expect from the movie when it hits theaters this summer.


“Ghostbusters” hits theaters nationwide on Friday, July 15th.

  1. Reagan greer

    so they act like there have never been ghostbusters before but theres slimer and stay puffed marshmallow man so is this a reboot or a squeal

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