Comments for VIDEO: Complete video of Shanghai Disneyland’s “Ignite the Dream” fireworks spectacular!

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  1. Ian

    I’m actually lukewarm about this show. Now I realize it’s saying to say that sitting at my desk on the other side of the planet from actually seeing it in person but there wasn’t a good sense of flow or transition, no main unique new theme at the start or end. The castle projections and mini-World of Color were cool but were laggy and the resolution needs to be better if projected on that scale. The Star Wars section was downright weird with the Falcon flying in an awkward pre-rendered scene instead of stuff from the films. And lastly there was distinct lack of fireworks for a lot of portions of the “fireworks” show.

    All that said the segments that work really work and those are when the fountains, projections, and pyro are all working together without any of those things being dominating or left out entirely.

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