Comments for “Star Wars Celebration” event heading back to Orlando in 2017


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    A dispetto del nostro short spero proprio che il mercato reagisca da questi livelli perchè a livello ciclico fare nuovi minimi sarebbe davvero un brutto segnale. Peslanormente mi frega poco di fare quattro soldi con uno short quando ci sono in gioco posti di lavoro e risparmi di milioni di persone.

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    I can see both sides, too… the city certainly has enough to worry about without the marathon, but the race also brings in a lot of tourism and attention to the city, and it wouldn’t hurt to spread the word of the city’s needs at this time…

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    I have never seen the subscription thing, but I totally agree with you on the Blogger one. It is the most irritating barrier, and a rather baffling one. While I can understand Google/Blogger’s desire for bloggers to use it, as it “encourages” other people to have Google/Blogger accounts, it is unendingly frustrating and simply a bad choice for the blogger.

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