Comments for PHOTOS: Disney Tidbits Hollywood Studios – MuppetVision 3D screens, Derby Lounge food, construction walls galore and more


  1. Bryan

    I like how they have the new interactive screens at Muppets, but is the Constantine pre-show still in the queue? I’d love to see that removed so…n

  2. Dan

    We saw what I assume are old Fort Wilderness cabins (trailers) parked at the end of Magic Kingdom parking lot Saturday the 7th of May 2016. Wonder what they are doing there?

  3. jean

    Sad how they took down the hat because it blocked the Chinese Theatre and now we have the Star Wars stage. I guess it’s better than all things Frozen

    1. Cowboi

      The Star Wars stage doesn’t even begin to block the theatre so nothing really sad about it.

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