Comments for Disney announces ‘Mary Poppins Returns’ with stars Emily Blunt and Lin-Manuel Miranda


  1. Stephen Hughes

    Ok I thought PL Travers ensured no more films of her beloved character would be made by Disney ever after her criticism and total dislike of the original? I am excited by the prospect of Mary’s return and hope it will be in keeping with the original who everyone loves.

  2. EricJ

    So, like most of the 00’s Disney vidquels….it’s for nostalgic grownup parents who WISH they were the characters from the original movies, not for the kids?
    (That’s why Lady, Ariel and Simba all had parent-issues with their kids, in their sequels.)

    1. Gina

      Walt Disney never made films just for children. He made them for ages “6 to Sixty”–for anyone who was still young at heart.

  3. Gina

    Aahh! What happened to my fave, Bert? Did he grow old and die? I don’t know if I want to see the film without Bert in it!

  4. Greg

    I think the now grown Jane should be played by the now grown Karen Dotrice who played Jane in the Mary Poppins movie!

  5. Ron

    Walt didn’t like sequels for the same reason this doesn’t seem right. It will be a whole new kind of MP for a whole new generation of viewers. The talent is marvelous and with up-to-date cgi technicality we will experience the Tevers storyline anew. But if Mary isn’t Mary and the story is weak it will be forgotten quite quickly. Julie’s Mary is sacred. And Bert is Dick’s shining brilliance. We love them both for what they gave. If we don’t feel the same love …well, we will see, won’t We?!

  6. Willie

    If they want to play the kids grown up/down card, maybe they should do that with Mary and Burt. How about Mary and Burt’s daughter(s) and son(s)? We’d need cameos by Dick and Julie, of course.

  7. Linda

    I think the original is a classic and should not be trifled with. If a sequal was going to be made, it should have already been done so with the original cast of characters. I have absolutely no interest in seeing this movie.

    1. Brian

      I couldn’t agree with you more. Leave the classics alone.

      1. Marina C

        “Leave the classics alone” Are you serious? This story is from another book written by Travers herself, just because they’ve decided to make a new movie for a current generation doesn’t mean it will destroy the classic. That’s the beauty of beloved story anyway, being told over and over again for future generations to love. Look at Beauty and the Beast for goodness sake, it has SO many remakes and different views just for the same story line. This is at least the exact same authors take on the same beloved character.

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