VIDEO: Haunted Mansion Ghost Post Part 2 – Elaborate interactive adventure brings us to Disneyland

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If you’ve been following along with our posts and videos about the new interactive (and sold out) “Ghost Post” adventure-by-mail, you know that’s its turning out to be an incredibly detailed and intricate way to further explore the mythos and mystery behind Disneyland’s world-famous Haunted Mansion.

This week I was able to take the next step from where Ricky left off with his unboxing video, and actually bring the downloadable app into the park itself. What unfolded was a very unique experience that took me to Main Street USA, Frontierland, New Orleans Square, and finally into the Haunted Mansion itself.


As you’ll hear in the above video, the final reward for this month’s quest was exclusive new audio from the speakers in the Doom Buggies aboard the Haunted Mansion attraction. Here’s a closer opportunity to listen to the isolated audio:


Stay tuned for more updates from Inside the Magic as we wait for further mailings and advancements in this exciting interactive game!

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